Wednesday, January 18, 2006

New Shoes!

Oh man, do I love shoes! When I was in high school I worked at our local sportmart and oh man, you get like 10% (that's right!) off on anything in the store. Let me tell you where my paychecks went :-) Kidding really.

But I recently went to Momentum Running on Clybourn Ave to peruse their inventory, mainly shoes as my current trainers are nearing their end (this is really because I don't like them that much not becuase I have actually put too many miles on them, they aren't even at the 200 mark yet :-) ). I have really been wanting to try the Brooks Adrenaline 6's on, but they didn't have them in my size and said that they would call when they came in.

Well ladies and gents. That day was today.

I have heard that they are a bit more narrow than the 5's but when I tried them on I knew that my feet had found their home. I have been running in the Asics 2100 and although they have carried me far, I just knew that they weren't the ones for me.

Yes I realize that I haven't run in my new shoesies yet, but I did test them out on the sidewalk and they really did feel wonderful. I'm looking forward to getting them out on the road and putting some miles on them. And I know you all want a picture....

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