Saturday, January 21, 2006

New Shoes and Apples

That's right Jason and I purchased the new 20" iMac with the Dual Core Intel Chips in it. It's super cool and with the built in camera we can take funny pictures like this:

So, although the pictures are fun (and I could take them for hours) I really needed this computer so that I could work from home more efficiently....unfortunatly I am having quite a time getting the main analysis tool to compile on this computer. I know it will work eventually just a tad frustrating because I want it to work now. sigh. and because I have some work to do sooner rather than later. I know that it will work eventually and be blaziing fast when it does, so hopefully it will happen soon.

We also went for a run this morning which I am proud of as we were up till 3am working with the computer. Just went three miles again, but will go 4 tomorrow. I noticed that my favorite entrance to the lakefront path that has been closed for the last several months was back open so that is good news. The weather today was AMAZING. The temperature was somewhere in the mid 20's, but there was NO wind and NO clouds. It snowed last night so there was the familar crunching of snow beneath of feet. Very nice.


Kendra said...

Great photos!

Scott said...

Nice photos indeed! In the last one I think you look like Stephanie Budde! Enjoy your mac!