Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Weather is Here...wish Running is Beautiful

(get the Jimmy Buffett reference? Anyone? Anyone?)

Jason and I got another 3 mile run in this morning.

I know I know!!! That's 2 days IN A ROW

Yesterday I started updating the graphs I like to make and wow we were so awesome back in November running something like 30 miles/week. It's hard to look at the weeks and month after that where we were lucky to get in a couple miles a week. The holidays overtook us, and I do think that we were overdoing it with those highish milage weeks because at least my shins were absolutly killing me.

Getting back into the groove though is really spectacular. Something about the first of the year coming and detoxing after the holidays maybe. Today's run was nice. Nothing fancy, just runnin' :-) (and no shin pain!)

So the weather here in Chicago for January is not so bad. I checked the 10 day weather forcast yesterday and it looks like it will be in the upper 30's lower 40's. Wow! This is Chicago people, I was expecting 10's and maybe 20's with some snow. But it looks good for now. Still have to get through February though....


Bedders said...

Hi. Just came across your blog. I ran Chicago Marathon last year and must say that the city is wonderful and the people are by far the most pleasant I have met in USA. Nice blog and keep running!

Kendra said...

Hey Leah!
Thanks for your note, it's always rough to lose a pet. Also, I see the women's dorm is a go. Congrats on the effort and hopefully it will work out. Take care.