Friday, February 17, 2006

Spread Thin

You know when you go to your favorite bagel place and get that heavenly combination of bagel and cream cheese. Sometimes the proportion of cheese to bagel is perfect and others there is hardly enough cheese to cover half the bagel let alone both halves. These days I am the cream cheese in scenario two. Now don't get me wrong, I absolutly love being busy (it's my thing), but recently I have been looking at all the things in my life and how many hours in the day and there is no way. The easy things are being put on the wayside and tough things look much much tougher than they actually are.

For exampke, Jason and I were in car hell for awhile where were juggleing 3 different cars. My dad took one of them, and the then my old Nissan 240 SX was just stuck in I don't know what to do with you land so I'm going to park you "secretly" at work until I have time to deal with you. I just sort of forgot about it out there at the Lab and I recently was in that neighborhood of the lab and yup, the car is gone. Alright then. Now I am going to go have to go through the hassle of finding the car first off, second off paying to get it out to then take it to some donation place or auto wreckers place, all for a car that is 15 years old and worth about $15 (although it's a super cool car that I loved for the years that I drove it)

I was getting completly fed up with driving lately and so Jason and I decided to take the train home last night. It was raining and so on and I knew that traffic was going to be horrific. So even though it's probably longer to take the train it's more enjoyable because we can read and relax and so on. BUT i have to be at the lab at 7 am this morning because I am working on a hardware project for a few days. It's something different to work on for awhile I guess so that's interesting. But I have to catch the 5:53am train and so I spent the entire night up looking at the clock convinced I would miss the alarm. 2:10. 2:15, 2:30 (at this point jason wakes up and I say, "Don't worry we still get another hour and a half of sleep.....").

I would like to try and take the train from now on and see if that helps my cream cheese complex.

Anyways I was up at 4 so today will be a long day, good thing it's an off running day. yesterday we had just an easy three miles which went well.

Also the weather right now says for today :currently 20 degrees, high of 19 degrees and low of -(!)4 degrees. ooooooh damn it's going to be cold!!!!


Bob said...

wah wah, low of -15 is forcasted here tonight, now that is COLD.

LeahC said...

eek....but really could you tell the difference between -4 and -12?

(these temps are ridiculous!!!) I am so ready for April :-)