Friday, February 24, 2006

I almost see the light

Alright just about another 30 hours and I will be done with this crazy schedule. I have to work shift tonight from midnight - 6am but then I have a meeting at Fermi Lab from 9:30 -12:30. After that we'll drive home and sleep for a couple hours and then we are going to this formal dance type thing that I helped organize. There is a dinner at 6pm and then the dancing ball goes from 8 till about midnight. After that we'll drive home and crash! (not the car, but ourselves into bed)

So I will only miss one run this week which I think is not too bad considering the schedule I have had. Tomorrow the schedule calls for a 3 mile pace run which doesn't fit anywhere unless we forgo a few hours of sleep, which I think would be a bad idea. However, we will be able to get the long run of 6 miles in on Sunday and then perhaps even we can run three miles on monday before we play volleyball or something.

In other fun news, my dad and step mom are coming to watch the Indy Mini in may! I don't know if I have mentioned but they live on a sailboat and are currently in the Florida area. It's always exciting when they can come home for a few days and very exciting that they'll be here to watch the race. Helps me stick to the schedule for sure.

So today (what day is it?) we got home around 8:30am and I worked for another hour on a plot that I screwed up the night before and wanted to send my advisor the correct one before I layed down. We slept until about 3 and then from about 4-5:30. THEN we got up off our butts and got out there for about 3.2 miles. It felt great to get out there and I was happy that I pushed myself out there.

Below I just have some pictures of the electronics that are reading the detector I am working on. The detector is a prototype muon detector that could be used at a new detector called the International Linear Collider or ILC. The wiring is ridiculous at Fermi Lab and this is just an example. Click on the image to see the full size (the full ridiculousness)


Danny said...

looks just like the back of my PC!

(now i'll have to post a pic...)


Scott said...

Did you notice that the 3rd green wire from the left 5 down from the top is in the wrong socket? Just thought I'd help.