Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Late Night Labwork

Quick! We need the labwork back from the...muon detector? Hmm, that really works better on ER.

Yep, Leah is working hard on the late night shift helping research the detector of the future. Meanwhile, I'm also at the lab trying to finish up the last of my research for the measurement I'm working on. Fun stuff all around.

If there's one point in all of this (and there certainly isn't more than one point), it's that you've got to get those runs in regardless. We were up early this morning and into the lab for meetings, working from 8:30-5:30. Then we had to hurry over to the gym to get changed and run.


Back to the gym - shower - and over to Leah's cousin's apartment to meet up for dinner (she has a great apartment, btw. Lots of character). And now we're back at work until 6am tomorrow.

But the key? Yep, we managed to wedge the run in there. I thought it was a great run, personally. Very refreshing and a welcome break from all the work. In all the insanity, at least one thing will always remain constant...pain.

No, wait! That's not it.

No, the one constant, of course, is running.

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LeahC said...

It's annoying being here late, but kinda funny because people get a little wacky. Unlike medical drs who are busy saving lives while they are on their 30 hour shifts, we sit around and wait for beam to come. Beam will be there within the hour, well now it'll be the next hour....the next hour for oh never mind it's time to go home!