Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Push It Back

Well yesterday wasn't the best day for me. I only got a couple of hours sleep because I found out at 11pm that I really did need to take a test for radiological worker training at 9am the following morning and had only slightly gone over the first half of a 50 page document which I would be tested on. So I had to study for that before I went to bed.

I ended up going to bed around 1:15am, but MissyCat had been sleeping on my side of the bed and when I layed down I realized that the entire bed smelled of...well let's say it didn't smell good. This is when I realized that we would have to put her down the next day. So I slept on the couch for a few hours and woke up to continue to study and make sure that I caught the early train out the the Lab.

I thought that I would have to be on shift last night from midnight to 6am so I left work around 1:30pm so I could go take care of MissyCat sleep for a few hours and get back into the lab for my shifts. Thank goodness the shift got cancled last night because otherwise I would have had to be at the lab for about 40 hours or so.

ANYWAYS. I had to push all the runs back one day. Today I'll run 3 miles, tomorrow 30 min tempo, friday 3 mile, saturday 3 mile pace and sunday 6 miles. This doesn't give me a break between runs but since none of the workouts are too strenuous yet this should be a huge deal. Today's run will be at the lab before meeting my cousin Sarah for dinner. After dinner it's back to the lab to work with this detector from midnight -6am (this will be my schedule though the weekend :-( )

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Bob said...

That is a crazy Schedule, good luck keeping up.