Monday, April 30, 2007

Ever so cold

You know what's crazy? Crazy people. You know what else is crazy? The water terperature over on the corner of Western and Iowa.

After our long run yesterday, we were good little soldiers and took our ice bathes. Sometimes people add ice to an ice bath (hence the name) and, sure, we'd do this but I'm afraid that the ice would warm up the water.

Yeah, that's right, our water is that cold.

It's colder than ice. In fact, in the list of cold:
  1. Liquid Helium ~ -450 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. Liquid Nitrogen ~ -273 degrees Fahrenheit (approximately the temperature of the surface of Pluto)
  3. Freezing point of Vodka ~ -40 degrees Fahrenheit
  4. Our bathwater
  5. Ice - 32 degrees Fahrenheit
As you can see, our water comes in fourth in the list of cold. But, we were still brave enough to sit in the bath for 15 minutes (each), despite near frostbite and my pinky toe falling off.

I'm guessing that the water will warm up eventually, but until them we're going to save a bunch of money on refrigeration. We've transferred all our frozen meat to the bathtub and now have cleared room in the freezer for what really counts: ice cream.

Tonight we have volleyball as we gear up for next week's playoffs. We've never won a playoff game, but we always come really close and, since this year's team is pretty decent, there's an outside chance of pulling out a win or two.


Firefly's Running said...

I give you TWO THUMBS for bravery of the ice bath!

Cuckoo said...

How convenient to have a tub of water that's already ice cold. When sitting in a bath that cold I would recommend brining the Vodka in with you, just keep it above water so it doesn't freeze :)

Good luck on the volleyball game!

LeahC said...

cuckoo- i *love* it.

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