Wednesday, April 25, 2007

OK!!! This weather has GOT TO STOP

Alright, fine. It's raining out. Fine. We decide to walk because "we'll just get too wet riding our bikes" We have umbrellas and so we should stay "relatively dry" walking. Well apparently if by "relatively" you mean "absolutely fucking soaked"!

Leah is not in her happy place today.

It's fucking cold out. It's raining. It's going to be raining for the next three days. I smell like a wet campsite (no judgement please). My jeans are soaked which is good because we all know how long it takes nice thick cotton to dry. But in good news. THANK GOD I had an umbrella because my hair stayed dry.

We went 4 miles yesterday taking it a bit easier than we usually do as we decided to treat it as a recovery run coming in at 37:26 or 9:23 miles. Tonight apparently it's six miles and I have to rummage through our cold weather running gear again.

not. happy.


Jason said...

I keep walking like a penguin to keep my cold, wet pants from touching my cold, wet legs. I'm not quite sure what I'm accomplishing by doing this, but it just feels right.

Josh said...

Yeah, the weather is shit here too. Raining. Tornados here and there. Hail. Shitty all of the way around.

Firefly's Running said...

The rain SUCKS! Where did the sun go?

GeekGirl said...

What is this "cold" you speak of? I don't think we get that here.

Just kidding. Sometimes I wish it would get cold here.It's 7:30 AM, 77 degrees and 71% humidity.Of course, we cry like babies if it's below 65.

LeahC said...

my mom lived in NW indiana for 54 years....she has been in Florida for only 2 years and can't believe that we were wearing shorts and tanktops when it was 70 degrees outside...oh how quickly they forget :-)