Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Straight Up or With a Twist?

The title here is either a line from Sex & the City...or a multiple choice answer to how do you like your runs.

If you are one LeahC, then apparently you like your runs with a twist. (and yes I am watching Sex & the City...we own them and now that I have watched one episode for fun on a Sunday afternoon, I feel the whole series begging to be watched)

The last two days we have biked to and from the Metra station and although it's only 6.4 miles a day, it's more than the zero we were doing before. Needless to say I was a bit worried about our afternoon run yesterday since I wasn't sure how our legs were going to hold up after the said biking. To my delight and suprise everything held up really well. It was one of those nice spring evenings with some rain but not cold out so shorts and a t-shirt are doable. Jason and I were moving along at a nice little clip coming in around nine minute miles or a bit less, with not too much effort. We get to the corner of Augusta and Ashland and just miss the light to cross Augusta and so I turn west onto Augusta and all of a sudden I find myself slipping.

And by slipping I mean, my entire six foot long angular body is being thrown (and twisting...see I knew I could tie that title into this) into the air. I immediatly think that what is going to happen in the next less than a second time is not going to be good. BAM goes my upper thigh/butt area...and then BAM goes my face....

onto the concrete.

not. good.

I lay there for a second waiting to see blood everywhere....but I seem to be ok. I get up slowly and walk a few steps before my eyes well up. I never actually cry, but mother of god is my face and leg hurting. We walk for about a block and then we continue on. I figure I am going to be in pain whether I walk the mile home or run it slowly.

I put ice on my face and hip last night which seemed to help the swelling. My face is noticably scraped up and my leg is very scraped up and sore. sigh. Well life would be less exciting if I wasn't involved :-)

Five miles on the menu tonight.


Jason said...

To be clear, she *fell*. This isn't one of those times where she's reqired to say she fell. No, she really did.


It just looks like someone hit her in the face.

Why is everyone looking at me like that?

Theoutofshapeguy said...

Great run guys!!! Oh wait. Opps sorry.

Sorry to hear about the fall. Hope you feel better. Will Wii make it better? That way we can all be blach and blue.

And jason, come on buddy. Leah can definetly take you without any marks on her

Bob said...

OUCH, I have not bounced my face off the pavement in a while, I am glad to hear everything seems ok.

FYI I fell during the same run that I came down with my injury. I landed on my right leg and developed the ITBS in my left. My PT says that maybe I changed my stride to compensate for a sore right leg. hmmmmm, I'm not sure if he is right, but I just wanted to give you some food for thought. Go easy.

LeahC said...

hey bob-

thanks for the tip. my leg seems somewhat swollen, so I'll keep an eye on it.

Thomas said...

Poor thing, I hope you feel better soon. Falling on concrete is seriously nasty, I hope you're ok (and people won't accuse Jason of battering you).

I fell about 1 meter down onto a road from the side, due to my own stupidity. Luckily I mainly hurt my hands and elbows, my legs and face got away lightly. I recovered quickly enough, and I hope you'll do the same.

Joe said...

Ouch! Are you feeling better now?