Friday, April 06, 2007

The Paper Boy always rings twice

Your favorite runners now have a paper route!

(yes, a paper route)

I've started writing for a paper called The Heckler. Perhaps some of you have heard of it. Obstensibly, it's The Onion for the Cubs but, as I'm sure none of you need to be reminded, the Onion is written by satirical geniuses. So, while The Heckler does fall short of The Onion's standards, it's still one of the only places to publish humor articles about the Cubs and I've started writing for them. Well have to see if they actaully publish any of my articles, but I'll certainly mention it if they do and everyone can read my brilliant Cubbie satire.

Oh, right, the paper route. Well, they need people to deliver these papers to local coffee shops, bars, and the like, so I've volunteered to do it (since they pay and I need all the money I can get). So Leah and I will be driving around delivering papers. It's my first paper route!

But wait, we need a car. Damn, it's in the suburbs and we have to deliver on Saturday...does this mean driving home in Friday rush hour traffic? Oh, come on readers, you know us better than that. Okay, so we have to run 4 miles on Saturday anyway and so we're going to run to the train station, go out to Wheaton to get our car, and then drive it back when there's no traffic. It's brilliant!!

Speaking of running, we did our first serious post-bike ride run yesterday. After our 3 mile bike ride we changed into our running clothes and went for a 5 mile run. It ended up going pretty well as we finishing in 44 minutes and change. Not running on Wednesday was a very good idea as we were both much less tired for our run yesterday. I'll admit that my legs are pretty tired today, though. Happily, we walked to the train this morning instead of biking, so our legs got a bit of a rest (slightly, anyway).

Speaking of running (again), we ran into Josh Wednesday downtown at the train station. Either he takes the Metra in from the north side or he was just passing through. Josh? Anyway, always good to see ol' Full Metal Lunchbox.

And finally, to speak of running for a third time, we won't be running tonight. Our friend Janet from Grad School will be in town and we're going to head to Small Bar to say hi. She's currently out at Berkeley getting her PhD in Science Education and is going to be around for a couple weeks. Whee!

Okay, I think that's it.

You can stop reading now.


(why are you still here? You can go. Live your life. be free.)


Full Metal Lunchbox said...

It was nice bumping into you.  I work across the street from Ogilvie station and was running late (as usual) when I saw you.

Sometimes I take the Metra to work.  But mostly I just pop into the station to use the food court.

Mmmmm.... Mrs. Fields cooooookies!

Firefly's Running said...

Josh texted me on my cell phone about 2 minutes after I got on the Metra that same morning. We rode in together (heading to a training in Des Plaines - see my blog for more details). So bummed that missed both of you..and I still had time to kill too before the train left.