Thursday, April 19, 2007

To Much Everything Not Enough Food

I know better!

I know that if I don't eat enough, I am going to crash and burn. Well that happened last night during our 5 mile run. I have been mentioning that we are taking the train and so walking downtown and home in order to get to the train station. This isn't going to be a problem I don't think, and we do have to mix it up with some biking....but it got to me last night. During the day I had one slice of toast with peanut butter, some ritz crackers with pb, non-fat yogurt, string cheese and the Classic Cafe salad at Panera (the classic cafe is lettuce, onions, and tomatoes) in other words not enough. All filler and nothing in there that will help with exercising. Where are the carbs I ask?

Plus I knew that the not enough sleep was goign to catch up with me so I was a bit sleepy before we headed out. So we go. I'm starving about 1/2 mile in. We make it about 2.5 miles and I have to stop and walk. Jason being the perfect hubby that he is stopped to walk with me (when the tables are turned....I will meet him at the end). We walked for about three blocks and then started running again. We went for a mile, walked a block, then ran back home. We got stuck at some lights along the way as well. So our final time was 51:26. Boo.

All good lessons learned though. (hmmm....I did run out of peanut mms at work this week....hmm....I'm saying it made a difference and will be sure to have some on hand for this training's got nuts & chocolate...all good things).

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Firefly's Running said...

Need food, girlie! Good carbs=fuel for running. But I do have to say that the peanut M&Ms are both carbs AND a protein source. :D