Friday, April 13, 2007


Yesterday Janet was still in town and so Leah wanted to hang out for a bit with her and chat and what not. Since I figured they were going to be talking about boys and hair and nail polish and all that, I decided to head over to Mike and Barbs and take advantage of their hospitality.

They have really good hospitality. It involves nachos, beer, and Weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Especially the Wei.

Anyway, so we worked yesterday and did all that stuff (and Leah might have good analysis stuff going on. shhhh) and then took the train into downtown so she could meet Janet over at Rockits for food and drink and, I suppose, pillow fights. Whatever women do. Apparently they have good dinner food, although I couldn't quite understand what Leah was saying (something about pretzels with meat in them, or meat pockets, or she stuffed her pockets with meat...not sure).

Anyway, while she was over there I was talking with Mike about carburetors and drinking beer, and then we took a bunch of stuff apart just to put it back together. After that, we picked a few fights with random people. You know, guy stuff. But pretty soon Barb came home from work and we had to stop punching each other and Barb made nachos. Awesome.

After we finished eating, Leah and Janet came over and we all played the Weiiiiiiii! I'm fairly certain it's the greatest video game system ever invented. Wait, check that, the greatest thing ever invented (including the human race). I'm constantly amazed at how well the game responded to moving the controller. Bowling and Tennis were awesome since I played both in high school (I managed a 187 in Wei Bowling for the high score, although I don't like to brag. Leah was invincible in Tennis), but Boxing was a little trickier. I know I was boxing furiously, but the little Mei character was a little slower on the uptake. Janet had the best method for Wei fighting and managed to KO here character, where I only won by decision. Oh well.

And then back home. How do we know the night was meant to be? There was a bus waiting for us when we reached Chicago Ave. Awesome.

I like fun Thursday nights. It takes the pressure off of trying to have fun on the weekends.

Go Cubs


ShoreTurtle said...

We got a Wii a couple of weeks ago. I woke up early on a Sunday morning to get in line at circuit city @6:30am for 1 of 12 Wiis that were in stock. Let me just say that my sacrifice was so worth it.

The Wii is awesome. We've had a lot of fun playing with it.

Have you tried Second opinion? It's a surgery game. There's something satisfying about slicing someone open and removing stuff.

Running Jayhawk said...

It's our pleasure, as always!!

And shoreturtle...we've been wanting to try second opinion!!! :)

Joe said...

> I suppose, pillow fights.
> Whatever women do.

How about pillow fights while wearing lingerie? Now we're talking!

Theoutofshapeguy said...

So I finally got out of the hospital from when you broke the beer bottle on the table and stabbed me with it. Only 12 stitches, not bad!

GeekGirl said...

I want a Wii so bad. It would just be one more way for me to kill time, though.