Wednesday, April 11, 2007

3 Miles Quick and Clean & Walking in Snow

Yesterday we had an early day getting up around 5am and getting into work around 6:30. We drove because we had the car in the city over the weekend due to Jason's paper route. This was good because we were able to leave at 2:30pm, walk home and then go out for a nice little run.

We had some checks to deposit (which are going right back to the IRS) and so we did that on the way. The miles were something like 9:15, 8:55 & 8:35. I am surprised with how nice sub 9 minute miles have felt. Frequently these past few weeks, I have looked at my watch and been surprised with the time for the mile splits. Usually after getting back into running after a few month hiatus as was our February and March we aren't running these kind of mile times that easily. Maybe we are getting faster and stronger....if so then I am saying Kudos to the big break I took. Maybe it helped...or I have turned into a running rockstar. I actually like option two as then my dream of being a rockstar doesn't have to be over.

This morning we walked again to the train instead of taking our bikes because the weather is atrocious and although I was just as cold and as wet as I would have been had we taken the bike it's still easier to walk. I cannot believe how bad the weather is here in Chicago. It doesn't look as if it's going to let up for the next few days with snow showers on the menu for tomorrow as well.


The plan is to do 5 miles tonight when we get home. We'll see if the plan and the weather can coincide.....nasty.


alright. time to work and dream of spring flowers (oh's April Showers not April Snowshowers)

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