Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm the only Old Blogger Left

Well I don't understand why I can't switch my account over to the new google blogger deal. I tried to do the claim my blogs or whatever and it doesn't know my blogger account, but it does if I just try and log into Old Blogger. And it made Jason switch over so now he can't post on the site. He is currently looking for a "help me" e-mail address but as usual in this day and age there isn't much help. AUGH. Whatever.

Anyways, yesterday was our usual busy Monday night. We got to work around 10am and then I worked straight until volleyball at 6pm. We lost all three games in really bad fashion. Bad team communication or something. Whatever.

We got to the train station with about 10 minutes to spare at which point I thought it would be a great idea to grab a 440z Diet Coke from the White Hen. We head downtown (I read a great part of my book. FANtastic chase scene!), we walk home, we get home around 10pm. We put in a pizza and I sit down to "just watch the start of the Boston marathon" I had recorded during the day. And along comes 1am, a great finish to the ladies race, another fantastic finish by Cheriot in the men's race.

The alarm goes off at 6am. Yeah. I woke up at 6:09, the first time I have gone through a snooze in a long time. So a sleepy morning lead to the usual, "why don't we just walk" conversation so we left the bikes at home again this morning.

So a busy and full Monday night leaves Leah a bit sleepy and groggy on Tuesday morning. Tonight it's to Mike and Barbs for a 4 mile run with them and then some American Idol.


Jason said...

Sanjaya's going down!

Firefly's Running said...

Have fun tonight you too.

Firefly's Running said...

P.S. It was nice seeing both of you last night.