Monday, April 02, 2007

Morning Bike Ride

Well we did it. Day .5 bike ride done and done.

This morning we decided to take the somewhat later train than what we will usually take since we will be here late tonight for volleyball. I am so proud of myself because I was up within 3 minutes of my alarm going off....that's right....I didn't even make it sleeping to the next snooze button! This is big for me as me and the snooze button have a special relationship and by special I mean it get hits very hard most mornings while I continue dreaming.

The bike ride took about 18 minutes but we missed a lot of lights and I get a big scared in traffic and so tend to take my time getting around the giant buses, so this could cut down to probably about 15 minutes. This ride is about 1/2 the distance that our old apartment was from the train station and so very much more doable. We are still working out what to do if we have a very tough workout in the evenings. I am also hoping that by the time true marathon training comes around the biking will have gotten very routine. and let's face it 3 miles of biking before a run really shouldn't be an issue.

We'll see how this week goes, but I got through 5.5 chapters of a new book I am reading so I am loving it already.


Joe said...

Good job on waking up before hitting snooze again. How did you train for that? Snooze alarm intervals? Snooze fartlek?

LeahC said...

snooze fartlek

....hahaha you said fart. oh i am so mature!

I used to set two alarms, one for an hour and 5 minutes after the first one (the first one stops snoozing after 1 hour). But I would always have to set the first one for an hour before i really wanted to get up cause I would be snoozing.

So I just set one alarm last night so I could sleep an hour later and then I seriously threw myself out of bed and towards the coffee pot :-) Having coffee already made when you get out of a bed is a real motivator

Bridgette said...

You can do 3 miles before a run - especially since you 2 are the world's best runners!! 3 miles is cake!

Firefly's Running said...

Great job on waking up. It's SO hard especially on a Monday.

Running Jayhawk said...

how do you get up so quickly after the alarm goes off? it takes forever to drag my rear out of bed.

and i have bike to work envy. I'd love to bike to work...but to go all of five blocks seems a bit silly.

wii anytime soon?

Joe said...

> Having coffee already made
> when you get out of a bed
> is a real motivator

Totally! We switched to an alarm clock coffee pot a couple of years ago. What a difference! I never hit snooze anymore because I know that hot coffee is just a few steps and a few seconds away.

LeahC said...


i'll wiiiiiiiiii anytime :-)