Sunday, April 01, 2007

One Week Down

Well we kept to our schedule this week. Completing 20 miles of running, 11 miles of biking and even 3 miles of walking...oh and 6 blocks of lugging laundry...that has to count for something!

It feels great to be back on a schedule again. We are going to repeat what we did last week running wise, but will be adding in 6 miles of biking a day. I did notice that the weather a couple of days this week is going to be in the 30s so we might just walk to and from the train station since it's not too far.

Our run today went fantastic wih 5/6 miles under 9 minutes and 2 out of those 5 under 8:30. We had a nice little rain shower at the end of it, which was actually really nice. I love running through April Showers!

Here's to a new Spring and a new running season!

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Bridgette said...

Just add water! Instant Triathlete!