Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bad day, Awesome night

So yesterday was not the best of days, culminating a long week of pretty-badness. The solution to a bad week? A bottle of wine, awesome nachos, some trashy DVR, a Cubs win, and general happiness.

After work, Leah and I grabbed some Garrett's popcorn and,through the magic of
caramel corn, the bad week started to melt away. We walked home and, munching on tasty popcorn, took our time and enjoyed the nice evening. After settling in, we popped the bottle of wine and I whipped up some nachos. My nachos are a little different, though. I take the leftover meat and beans from a Mexican food night and individually spread the meat/bean mix on each chip, then put on some sauce and cheese. After about 10 minutes in the oven, you've got nachos where each nacho is that special nacho you hope to find with normal nachos. Shall I say nacho again? Yes.


Nachos and wine gave way to a nice little buzz and we watched Dirt on DVR, starring Friends Alumnus Courtney Cox. Our Friends loyalty runs deep, so we naturally gave this show a chance. I can't say it's a show that I'm proud to watch, but it's definitely growing on me. The fact that it's hella racy might have something to do with that.

We then flipped between the Cubs and Bulls, both wins. When was the last time the Bulls and Cubs both won on the same day? April 19th, 1962, in case you were wondering. Remember, you read that on the Internet, so it must be fact.

Lots of laughing and wackiness and fun last night. That's the way to handle a bad week.

In other news, today we ran an easy 3 miles, coming in between 9-10 minute miles which is our recovery pace, so we win. It was a beeeeaaaautiful day and awesome to be outside. Now Leah's sitting at the desk getting ahead with work stuff and I'm writing on the blog.

And now I just typed that I'm writing on the blog.

And now I just typed that I typed that I'm writing on the blog.

Oh, and as of now, Brady Quinn has still not been drafted. What's up with that? Don't people know that he's dreamy? DREAMY!!!

Cubs play at 2:55. Go Cubs!


Firefly's Running said...

I really wanted Brady to go to Minnesota, but the coach was SO stupid!

The nachos sound yummy! Nice job the running.

Bridgette said...


mouse said...

oh no you did not. BRADY QUINN IS SO NOT DREAMY!

you must be confusing him with tom brady. who is most definitely dreamy.

oh, and brady quinn kind of sucks, too. and his sister is fugly.