Wednesday, April 18, 2007

See, this is what I get for not running faster

Hey all, this is Jason posting under Leah's account since, for whatever reason, blogger won't let Leah switch our site over to new blogger and won't let me log into old blogger. Whatever.

Okay, so, if we recall last year's Chicago Marathon, we remember that Leah came in at 3:45:41 while I came in at 3:57. Who knew that our time difference would have lasting repercussions?

The Chicago Marathon has changed up the Preferred Start corrals from previous years. Now there are, after the super-fast people, start corrals A-D. A finish time under 3:55:59 lets one starting Corral C (Leah) while a start time of less than 4:00:59 gets one into Corral D (Jason).

Woo Hoo, we're both preferred!

Oh, wait...damn.

So, because I couldn't run 2 minutes faster, either Leah has to start back a corral from where she deserves or we have to start apart. Both options sort of suck. The solution to this little problem? Well, I just have to qualify for a better start time by running a half marathon in under 1:45:59. I think this is doable as I ran a 1:48 in the last half marathon and we started out pretty slow. The overall pace I need is about 8 minutes/mile, so if I just made sure to start out at about an 8:30 pace and then kept increasing my speed, I'd probably be able to knock off that extra 3 minutes. At our last half, the first mile was 9:38 and our last was 7:39 so, if we smoothed that out a bit and started out at 8:30 and then jumped to 8 minutes, I would gain one and a half minutes just in the first two miles. Then I'd have 11 miles to knock off another 90 seconds (7:51 pace for the remainder).

I'll also have run lots of speedwork since then with the Pfitz plan, so I should be faster than in '06. Well, regardless, I think it's doable if I have a clear time goal.

So, look for me in the Chicago Distance Classic. Anyone else running it?


Running Jayhawk said...

It's definitely doable, Jason.

And we'll be at the CDC in full force.

Garou said...

Good thing you registered - I just checked the site, and registration is now closed. I feel your pain regarding the new corrals; an injury slowed me down enough that I am stuck in C, instead of B, which is going to make a BQ even less likely, since I have that many more people to try and get around.

LeahC said...


I can't believe I almost missed registration!

LeahC said...

you could still totally BQ. Just start at the very front of corral C. Then you'll be in front of many people in C and basically in B :-)

Looking forward to reading about your training!

ShoreTurtle said...

A faster half marathon time is a good way to move up. You two should definitely stick together for the start.

I'm amazed that registration is now closed.

Firefly's Running said...

You both can BQ this year. I can feel it. As for CDC, it's still up in the air because I have not ran in over 4 months in P.F. Chang's

lifestudent said...

Just found your page today - and while I am doing the CDC and Marathon - times mean nothing to me ;) I am a first timer who is still trying to convince herself this whole thing is a good idea!

Josh said...

You'll be able to do it. I'm just glad to see the two of you registered before the registration closed. It'll be so much fun again!

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Good luck, Jason.  You have your work cut out for you, but I think you can do it.