Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekend Roundup

Well my plan to get a cool 20 in this week happened!It's been awhile since I have done that which has been required of me in the running sense as I always find reasons not to do it. It's raining. It's cold. I don't wanna. I have a get it.

Saturday morning we did a 4 mile run coming in at 35:50. We ran downtown again to catch the train out to Wheaton to get our car. After getting home we cleaned up our apartment which was a disaster zone. I don't know how it happens, but our place ends up looking like a college dorm room. It's tough to keep up with it as we are frequently not in our apartment. We wake up, eat breakfast, are then gone for 12-14 hours, come home, go back out to run, back to eat and then crash into bed. The dishes get put on hold till "tomorrow", the stuff that gets put on the table "just for now" stays there for days.

Saturday night we headed over to the RunningJayhawks and OutofShapeGuys' condo for someone's birthday :-) Someone thought it would be a brilliant idea to do a power hour (one shot of beer for a minute for an hour)......after realizing we didn't have time we decided to just go for 20 minutes.....yeah...that was a bad idea (and if by bad you mean spectacular). After some drinking and snacking we headed over to the Gorilla Tango Theater for their show Bye, Bye Liver which is an improv/interactive drinking game. Very funny. I laughed hard :-)

That night when we got home we thought it would be a great idea to order some pizzas....after eating some of that we headed to bed. Got up latish, I made a big breakfast, Jason went out and finished his paper route while I started to organize our office room. I shouldn't be put in charge of this though because when I find a box of pictures I find the need to look at all of them. I found old pictures from high school and early college days and a spring break trip that Bridgette and I was fun looking through all of those and I realized how I don't have any more paper pictures. All of my photos now live on my computer....funny how things change.

After the Cubs game on Sunday we went for our 6 mile run. I felt "ok" which was to be expected after my Saturday evening, but still came in averaging about 8:50 min/mile which was nice to see. This week our schedule will be roughly the same :

Tue : 4 miles
Wed : 5 miles
Thur : 4 miles
Sat : 2 miles
Sun : 7 miles

On Tuesday we are going to go to the Kansas Mafia's meeting place and have those kids join us for the four miles before watching American Idol. This works pefectly for us because we get to run on the lakefront path while leaving our bags and stuff at their place. Whee!
We'll also be adding in some biking this week as the weather seems to have made a turn for the better. We'll bike on Tuesday and Thursday and walk tonight, Wdnesday and Friday.


Anonymous said...

Your story about the power hour reminded me of the time that me and three buddies drove from IU to Baltimore to see the 7th game of the world series (Balt. vs PItt 1971). We drove all night leaving at around midnight of game day. Once in the bleachers we thought it would be neat to each drink a beer and inning. Neat...I woke up in Ohio.

Bridgette said...


Running Jayhawk said...

Okay...I love your dad. he's a rockstar. Mike and I are sooo going to crash on his boat. :) He may just be my hero!