Tuesday, May 01, 2007

1 Analysis, 2 VB Wins, 1 Bicyclist Down & 1 INDY MINI COMING

Yesterday I might have made some very good progress with my analysis! I never say that anymore because in the past I have tended to have buggy code or the fits would converge in one bin but not another. Yesterday, I added another component to the fit and it works in all the bins! I realize that that probably doesn't make a lot of sense....but it's good new which is all that really matters. I will show it all to my boss at our 12pm meeting which gives me some time to double check it.

We played 3 games of volleyball yesterday and won two which is good. We lost the last game on a stupid play. The other team served and then we just watched it hit the ground....don't know what the hell happened there, but maybe tiredness or whatever came into play. Either way we took 2/3 which was nice. I think this is the team that we will play first in the playoffs starting next week. If we win that game, we'll play again the following week. Let's hope we make it past round one this year.

On our way home we were at a light in the suburbs and it changed to green and all of a sudden there was a bicyclist in front of our car going kind of slow. I was like, oh watch out for the biker. Which we did, however Mrs. SuburbanIHaveACellPhoneInMyEarAndBehindTheWheelOfMyGiantSUV next to us wasn't paying ANY attention totally took the bike out! It was horrible. I pulled over and immediately had my phone out to call 911. The biker however was fine and got up and started walking and told us she was fine. The driver was like, "oh my god I totally didn't even see you!" (big surprise). Now being a driver and a biker (sometimes) I realize that both were probably at fault. The biker just about ran the red light, which if I am in the middle of the intersection and my light is red, I am peddling my ass off to get across the street, but this one was just slowly cruising along. We realized that she might have been drunk which is why she didn't want anyone calling the cops. So while all of that is bad and she probably should have gotten a ticket for bad biking behavior (or BBB as I am going to now call it), drivers absolutely need to pay attention to bicyclists in the summer months. As the bike was DIRECTLY in front of the car when she hit her.....it wasn't that hard to see.

Alright, tonight it's 4 miles with the Kansas consortium starting off our week of 28 miles.


Jason and I are going down to cheer on Bridgette who will be competing in her first 1/2 marathon at the Indy Mini. We are going to be meeting up at the letter 'M' in the runner meet up after the race, so if anyone is interested in meeting me (I'm fabulous you really want to do that) or Jason (he's kinda cool...not as cool as me though) or Bridgette (she's super fly...and admittedly much cooler than I) then come on by. Send me an e-mail at jasonleahrun@gmail.com and I'll send along my cell phone number and can send along more details as well. We'll also be running around the course cheering. So look for RED signs on the right hand side of the course at miles 3.5ish, 9-11 (don't know where we'll be yet and the finish (left hand side here). I get very into organizing spectating, so if you are doing the race drop me a line and let me know when you think you'll be finishing so I can know to keep my eyes open for you. Good Luck to Everyone Racing! RUN FAR FAST!!! (Look I'm being cheerleadery...thanks to Barb of course)


Jason said...

To be clear, Leah's mass plots are the awesomest awesome that ever awesomed.

They are tres groovy.

Runner Susan said...

I'll see if I can find you at M!

Running Jayhawk said...

Tonight I am sooooo teaching you the proper way to do SPIRIT FINGERS!

You'll be captain of the cheerleading squad in no time, Leah!

Firefly's Running said...

Have fun in Indy. I have to be a cheerleader from WAYYYYYYYYYY afar (back in Chicago to be exact.)