Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sometimes Physics Works!

Well Well Well.

Yesterday my analysis made a huge turn for the better. I found a small bug in my code, simplified the code and viola....I have a result type thing. I have something to work with. I haven't felt this sense of accomplishment here in grad school since...well I don't know I passed the qualifying exam all those years ago I suppose.

I read somewhere a survey on how long a thesis would have taken if everything worked on the first pass. The majority of the responses were between 3-6 months! Which I calculated is just about where I would have been.

So. Sometimes sticking with the problem is good, sometimes it works out. Maybe all the bad weeks and tears and anger will end being worth it!

I still have mounds of checks to do on the analysis, and who knows what the hell will happen with that. Regardless however, I have something to work with now.

To celebrate my awesomeness Jason took me out for beers at Small Bar. We met up with the Lovely Lisa and chatted for a few hours. I think that is the first time we have sat outside and had a beer in Chicago for ....I don't know. We lived at the lab last summer becuase of shifts and didn't get out much. In a word ...it was ... nice. I loved it.

Tonight it's 7miles w/8x100m. Stride it out baby!


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That's awesome, Leah. Congrads!!