Friday, May 25, 2007

When Shuffling Runs is Good

Yesterday we left work a bit early because we wanted to have our car for various reasons this weekend and were planning on working home today. Leaving earlyish is good to bypass commuter traffic.

When we got home and saw the wind howlin' down our street we started to question the desire to go out and run 9 miles. We checked the weather for the following morning and found that the wind would be gone and the temperature would be down by about 30 degrees as well. Since we were working at home anyways we thought a run to start the day wouldn't hurt much and moving a run forward by 12 hours wouldn't be a huge deal.

Sometimes when you look at the weather (or whatever) and have a reason for moving a run, other than, "I don't wanna" you luck out. Usually if you don't want to do it anyways, prolonging it doesn't help (It's like how now, I have to find out why a cut in my analysis is acting funny and am prolonging that to review and reflect about my run this morning.....but that's not helping me find the problem......but lalalalala....see now it's not there). I was worried that we moved the run more because we didn't feel like it, but I was happy to wake up to nicer conditions.

And by god. That was the best run we have had yet. 9 miles in my city before it's truely moving...well at least joining the early morning commuters on their way to work, is always a favorite time of day. We ran all the way to Belmont and Southport which is almost in the haunts of our old neighborhood. At one point, I looked down and noticed someone had written 'LEAH' in the cement, which was funny to see as it's not the most common name. The streets kept effortlessly flying by. We laughed at the big giant houses on Greenview Ave and thought about what it would be like to have have enough money to even be able to own a room in a house like that. Then laughed some more when we realized we probably wouldn't ever be able to. And then laughed because we didn't care because we have grown to love our neighborhood.

And we just kept running.

And our paces stayed low low low.

We even had one mile at 8:05.

We averaged 8:27.

Do I care that this is just about 20 seconds faster than these runs should be and that only one mile is where it should have been?


I felt FANTASTIC. Here's the run in graph form.

A good way to start a Friday.

I'm off to find the problem in my code. Jason and I judge our bosses mood by how he signs his e-mails, a Cheers, Advisor is usually good; -Advisor is ....figure this out ASAP; and every once in awhile we get the dreaded Regards, Advisor. I'm in the middle now....(If Advisor is reading this...I kid of course).

Happy Friday everyone!


Firefly's Running said...

Nice run, you two!

Scott said...

nice run in the city you love!
Enjoy 'em all!