Thursday, May 17, 2007

What Normal People Live Like

Last night for the first time in months we didn't have anything to do (well..ok if you don't count Monday...but I'm not because it is not a normal night for us to go sit outside and have beers...but I was celebrating having a result so there).

We took the 4:54 train out of Wheaton getting us into Kedzie at about 5:45 pm. I had decided to make this meal, tacos in pasta shells...that is DELICIOUS. However, when we got to the little market by our house we found that they didn't have the big shells that we needed so it was onto plan two. The orignal plan two was to order from Penny's Noodle Shop, but then I decided that I remembered what went into a Baked Ziti that I used to make all the time. So we got those things and headed home.

I would also like to say that I love the Farmer's Market on the corner of Western & Chicago. It's tiny, but they usually have everything we need and everyone there is really really friendly. They have a butcher so you can get exactly how much meat you need for your meal. And to top all that off, everything is about 1/2 the price of the big grocery chains. So Chicago folks keep your eyes on those little markets if you are near one, it's a breath of fresh air from the land of 8 million choices that is the big chains.

Then we got home, and like normal people.....cleaned a bit, made dinner, etc. I realize that the previous sentance sounds really lame, but I am never home by 6:30 and can just whip up something to eat that's not takeout given my weekly schedule. The ziti turned out fabulously, even better that I remember it even though I was a bit short on the provalone cheese. Paired that with some broccoli and we had a nice meal. The best part of that dish is that it lasts forever. We hardly put a dent in it and should get about 4 more meals each out it. We froze about half of it so we don't get ziti-ed out over the next few days.

Tonight we got 9 miles on the schdule. My quad muscles are a bit sore I am guessing from the strides that we did on Monday, but hopefully they'll calm down a bit by the run or during the run anyways.


Firefly's Running said...

Oh cool! I am SO happy that the farmer markets are open in Chicago. I miss them back in MN where they were open on the weekends and HUGE!

Sounds like you needed the rest. Enjoy it!

LeahC said...'s a grocery store, not a outdoors farmers marker. (It's just called The Farmers Marker) there is an outdoors famer's market however on saturdays and sunday's through out the city.

Sailor Sue said...

By the way.....your photos are fantastic! Somebody out there wants them. Think about calendars!

Cuckoo said...

It's nice to have a "normal" day every once in a while :)
Glad you guys were able to enjoy it.

And thanks for posting links to the recipes... I'm one of those poeple that collects recipes thinking someday I'll be a great cook or something like that.

GeekGirl said...

I love nice normal nights at home. They're so "normal". Heh.

Bridgette said...

speaking of picture of the day - where did they go?

mouse said...

I was just googling "pfitz plan strides hurt quads" because I did something funky to my right quad when doing strides last night. anyway, this post came up and I was all, "hey, I know them!" HA!