Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sleepwalking Once Removed

Last night the oddest thing happened. Jason and I went to bed around 10pm with our alarm set for 5:30am (coffee set as well for that time). First I woke up at about 10:45 and was upset and convinced that it was time to go to work, Jason calmed me down and was like, no no it's only 10:45.

I then woke up at 11:30 and found myself in the kitchen, pissed because the coffee hadn't started brewing again convinced that it was 5:30 and Jason must have set the timer incorrectly. So I turn it to the 'brew' setting and turn it on. Mr. Hubby yelled at me from the bedroom that it was only 11:30 and that it wasn't in fact time to get up and start drinking coffee. I was so so confused. I turned the coffee off, and back to the programmable setting and back to bed. I used to do this years ago where I would wake up in the middle of the night convinced that it was time to get up and get on it. It hasn't happened in awhile though and kinda freaked me out. A pretty typical night of sleep for the rest of the night only waking a 5am which gave me another 30 minutes before the alarm started singing...and by singing I mean screaming.

Last night we did a 4 mile recovery run which was nice and good for our legs. I remember from last summer that I always felt shitty on the recovery runs, but always happy with them when my legs felt loads better for the runs that were more important. It's important to keep the paces on these very slow even though it can be annoying. We came in at 38:46 which is a 9:42 min/mile pace. McMillian has us at 9:43-10:13 for our recovery paces and so we were on the low end of that, but having not done a ton of mileage so far this will probably end up at 10min/mile in the summer.

The bike riding is going good. My body is a bit tired though. There is another Metra station at Kedzie that I think we are going to try. This station is about 1.7 miles from our apartment compared to 3.2 for Ogilvie downtown. I am thinking that I will feel a difference cutting the bike distance by two....and I could sleep a bit later...and it won't take as long. The only problem is that I don't know if there are bike racks there to lock my bike. It's also not the *best* neighborhood, but fuck it, if the bike gets stolen or vandalized it gets stolen or vandalized. I could take the bike on the train and lock it up in Wheaton, but I believe you need bungee cords to hook the bike to the train or they won't let you on and we don't have any of those and it seems like a major pain the ass to get it all on the train hooked up off the train bleh. SO if anyone knows if there are bike racks at Kedzie let me know.....I could always just hook it to a fence or something I suppose. Alright...enough bike talk? I think so.

Tonight it's 8 miles....and's FRIDAY!!!


LeahC said...

hmmm...I just got word from a fellow Fermi person who frequently bikes and said that he would be *very* wary of leaving a bike in that neighborhood and unless I had two lock and a chain it probably wouldn't be safe......

maybe it's not such a fuck it situation as it's a bit worse that I had thought.

Joe said...

That sleepwalking story is amazing! Maybe your brain is worn out from crunching all of those physics calculations?

GeekGirl said...

Wow! I sleep so lightly that I have never even come close to this type of thing.

Princess said...

That happens to me a lot when I am stressed out about something. I will leap out of bed and stare at the clock, unable to determine if it is 11:30 AM or PM. (you would think the complete darkness would clue me in)

Hopefully this is just a one time occurrence for you!