Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Whatever, I could totally run in flip-flips

Nope, not a (bad) political joke. Just a reality.

Anyway, after a day of basking in the glow of Leah's beauteous mass plots, we headed out to Mike and Barb's for Week 2 of Coach Leah's Plan for World Domination and Sub-5 Marathons. We got there, chilled for a bit, got changed into running clothes...sort of. Sort of, you see, because I'm a bit of an idiot. I brought shorts, two shirts, and socks. Even a nifty running hat. What's missing from this?

A Garmin? No, I don't have one of those.

Speed? Nope, got plenty of that.

Tiny Monkey with Organ Grinder? Got two of those.

No, I forgot my shoes! Normally this wouldn't even be a big deal, but instead of wearing old running shoes to work today, I wore flip-flops. I was the love child of John Kerry and Mitt Romney*! (ha!'s funny because it's true). Anyway, my options were to either a) not run, just sit in Mike and Barb's apartment and root through all their stuff or b) buy shoes. So I bought shoes. We went to Fleet Feet and I got the sweet new Adrenaline 7's with new Mo Go fanciness. Not only are they shiny and new, but they're so light. They must be multiple ounces lighter as it was a noticeable difference. Leah got a pair too and, now fully shoed, we made our way to the lakefront path.

The run wasn't too eventful. Not too much wind, fairly cool, ran for 36 minutes (probably about 4 miles). Shoes felt good although my legs were still sore from Volleyball.

Oh, speaking of Volleyball, playoffs start on Monday. If we win on Monday, we get to play again the following week. If not, we'll be executed. Fingers crossed! Sadly, we'll be without our best player (and one of the best in the league), but I think we can still win the first game. The second...well, we'll see.

Anyway, after the run, we went back to Mike and Barb's and they made us some awesome pasta thing with tortellini and other stuff. It was really, really good. I lived for 8 years in Italy and never ate that good**. While eating, we watched American Idol and the dreamy Blake Lewis. His performance was so super-excellent that I think he impregnated all the females watching through the television. Luckily, we were watching on Tivo, so Leah and Barb were spared a love child. I hope everyone voted for Blake and his non-existent lips.

Then we went home, only to discover that I left my jacket at Mike and Barb's. With my keys in the pockets. Including my bike-lock keys. Damn. Thus, we walked this morning and, so we don't have to run 7 miles after walking home today, we'll be running at Fermilab. Should be fun.

Oh, I also left my hat at Mike and Barb's. So, in one day, I forgot my shoes, jacket, keys, and hat.

I did remember to wear pants, so I've got that going for me.

*Note: I actually think the whole flip-flop thing is stupid. Unless you mean the footwear, in which case I think it's spectacular.

**Note: I never actually lived in Italy.


mouse said...

it's a good thing that you remembered your pants, because barb TOTALLY flips out if you take your pants off in front of mike. and other houseguests.

not that that... um... happened, or anything.

Running Jayhawk said...

But what if I wanted a Blake Lewis lovechild!? Still disturbed by his new hair style though.

At any rate...feel free to root through our stuff anytime (not that it's worth anything). But know that we had a copy of your key made and we plan on giving it to the drunk ukranian dude so next time he can just let himself in to pass out on your couch rather than on your front porch.

Last night was good times, as always. Although now I'm shaking in my boots just a lil' bit with leah's plan of total domination.

Hold me? I'm scared.

Garou said...

You could have gone with option number 3: Run barefoot. I ran a half over the weekend as well, and hot passed by some guy wearing shorts. No shirt, no shoes. I wish I had caught his bid number, b/c I wonder how much he beat me by, since I never saw him again.

Bridgette said...

I think I would've not run & poked through stuff, rearranged things, generally create a behind the scenes mess. That way you could wreak havoc at 6:30 in the morning when you're not even there! Barb would think its Mike & vice versa...

Firefly's Running said...

Wow....I would not be able to run without my shoe.

Rae said...

So she only runs with one shoe? I don't get it.