Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wednesday Roundup

I wish I were as clever and funny as one Mr. Jason as his post yesterday made me lol many many times. And I loled at a physics lab...what will the people say.

But as I'm not, here we go.

Yesterday due to Jason leaving his bike keys at Mike and Barb's condo we had to walk instead of bike to the train station. The walk is very charming and beautiful and fascinating....for the first few weeks...then it turns into a too long, too hard, too far walk which is fucking ugly and annoying (the walk of course is probably somewhere between the two, but as I am one for extremes it's either one or the other on any given day). So we walked in the morning. Because we had to go to Mike and Barbs after work (to get the said bike keys) and then bus home, we decided to run at Fermilab since I was worried that we would get home, pass out and skip the run. So we carted our running gear to Fermilab for a planned 7 miles around the rings.

Sigh. It wasn't a bad run pace wise, coming in again with 8:43 miles. It was just an "ok" run. Not good. Not bad. Just ______. The first mile was a little fast coming in at 8:30 because we had the wind in our back. Running at Fermilab can be annoying as the wind can really pick up over the plains and be really strong on the rings. In the city there is a chance the wind will be blocked by the buildings and so won't be mowing you down. The miles into the wind felt like we were running underwater even though we were consistantly under 9 min/miles.

The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful as we just got our keys, jumped on the Chicago bus, got home, ordered some Penny's noodles for dinner and watched American Idol....oooh poor Chris Richardson...he's too cute to have to go home. It's a good thing he's "best friends" with Blake and they are going to go on tour together. My money's on Blake. I know most people think it's going to be Melinda...but come on! Blake is incredible! Alright don't say Blake......Blake.

This morning fully armed with bike lock keys we rode downtown. It's amazing how much shorter the distance feels when you are riding a bike. We really need to do this more often because it does take so much less time and these days we could use all the sleep that we can get.

Tonight it's 5 miles which I am hoping are event free.


Anonymous said...

I love pennys! I used to eat there all the time when I lived down the street.

Go Blake! I don't watch idol but I thought I would jump on your band wagon

Firefly's Running said...

Good luck on the run tonight. Have fun!