Friday, May 04, 2007

5 Miles....Uneventful

But really aren't those the best? Those runs where your legs just take you as far as you need to go and don't whine about it.

We rode our bikes home yesterday and had a lot of fun playing with the other bike traffic along the way. At one point about 8 bikes got to a stop light and they reminded me of a school of fish. They all kind of floated to the right while waiting for the light to turn and as soon as there was no traffic coming from the other way they were off. It's fun to watch all the bikes passing the cars sitting in traffic is well. By the way, that's the best part of the biking is passing hundreds of people just sitting in their cars waiting for the traffic to move.

Our legs were a lot less sore than if we had walked which was nice. Given that the bike ride is only 20 minutes and walking takes about 50 minutes we really have to do this more to gain more sleep and time where we can just SIT for a minute.

We did 5 miles in 44:04 or 8:49 min/mile. We started off very slow, I think that the first mile was somewhere around 9:30 or something. I didn't have Garmin with me, because I know the 5 mile route so well, but I do know where the one mile turns over. I think starting off slower always works better for us as we felt so comfortable and felt like we were going pretty slow and effortless for the rest of the run.

I had big plans to go to bed early last night since we took the early train this morning....but I saw 11pm turn over on my alarm clock and when I saw 5am screaming at me I wanted to scream right back. But I threw myself out of bed and headed towards where the coffee should have been perculating....but SOMEONE (and of course by someone I mean Jason) set the time for the automatic perculation......but didn't turn it on. So we were a little delayed on my morning caffine intake, but were on it and out the door in 20 minutes.

We are off to Indy tonight visit the fabulous brother-in-law and family and then tomorrow it's off to spectate the Indy mini. Jason and I will be there rain or shine. We will be at the 3 mile marker right after the Gatorade stop on the right hand side of the road and then right after the 10 mile marker on the right hand side of the road, so make sure to look for us. I think that those two places are spaced out pretty well so we should be able to catch everyone running. Have fun racing everyone and good luck!


Joe said...

> But really aren't those the best?


Rae said...

Have fun at the Indy mini!! Take lots of pics!!!

Firefly's Running said...

Have fun in Indy.

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the 5 miles.

And, I must say you two are brave - the drivers are way to crazy for me to even think about commuting via bike.

Have fun watching the indy