Monday, May 07, 2007

Well, that sucked

But before I get to the bad part, first let me remind you that Leah has a spectating report below with lots of nice pictures. And, more importantly, Bridgette has posted her race report. Head on over and congratulate her on a job well done.

Well, after a long, long day on Saturday, we decided to not set any alarms and sleep in on Sunday. As a result, we didn't wake up until 9:30 or so after 12 hours of sleep (yes, we went to sleep at 9:30. So what). I woke up with the horrifying realization that I would soon be expected to run 8 miles. I didn't want to run 8 miles (note: I just said that in my head with a really whiny voice. Like, "Luke Skywalker saying he wanted to go to the Tashi station to get some power converters" level of whiny). But, run it we did.

And it sucked. We were all over the map. We managed our first mile in a cool 9:49, which is plenty slow, so we picked it up to an 8:50 something which was better...and then back to a 9:54 the next mile and so on. We zig-zagged our way between sub-9 and sub-10 for the last five miles, never finding a rhythm. But, on the plus side, we were both really dehydrated and sore.

Yeah, it sucked. We spent the entire run getting stopped by lights because we left too late and were not in great running shape because of the 7 miles the day before. The only good thing is that we did it. We got out there and put in the miles despite not being at our best. It sucked (have I mentioned that yet), but it's over. Thank god.

After we finished and showered, it was time to head right back out to do my paper route. I'm starting to regret doing this paper route thing, but hopefully I'll be happy about it when I finally get paid*. We finished in about 3 hours, but it would have been faster had one of the places I delivered to not been an awesome bar. The bar, Floyd's Pub, is on Artimitage a bit East of Western and reminds me of a nicer version of our old bar, Murphy's. I wasn't all that big and it was nice and laid back and so we had a beer, some mini-cheeseburgers, and some fries and it was awesome. So, we drank our beer and then finished my paper route. At some point around that time, both Leah and I started to develop terrible headaches. Who's addicted to caffeine? We are! Since it was about 4 when we got home we didn't want to make coffee or nap, so we both suffered through some terrible headaches all night which made for a bad Sunday. My headache was finally gone when I woke up this morning. Cutting back on the coffee again might not be the worst thing.

Man, that was one exciting post, wasn't it! Check back later for more excruciating minutia in the daily lives of Jason and Leah!

(oh, and we have volleyball playoffs later today. Go D0h!)

* If you get The Heckler and read my article, please note that it has been heavily edited. In fact, they managed to edit in incomplete sentences and edit out any humor...which I think is great.


Bridgette said...


Good luck in VB today!

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

They don't have the Heckler up my way--unless there is a Vietnamese edition.

I tried to find a copy in Wrigleyville, but the barfing Cub fans frightened me away.

Firefly's Running said...

My name is Firefly....and I am addicted to caffeine....(Hello, Firefly!) :D BTW, caffeine headaches SUCK!