Friday, March 21, 2008

Whaaat....Kids in the Where?

That's right...Kids in the Hall is on tour and coming to Chicago and Jason and I just picked up some tickets. We were surprised how not expensive they were....$36.50 for main floor tickets. So. Exciting!

Today is Good Friday and it's really good because as i have mentioned every day, Jason has the day off. We slept in a bit this morning and then headed to the gym. Did 3 miles on the treadmill hill program. It's nasty out ok. I don't want to run in that. Then we should do some strength....but as usual didn't feel like it, although I did about 10 minutes of core work.

Yesterday I thought I really needed a hair cut, but it was just one of those bad hair days. (I am growing my hair back out so I am thinking I'll have a lot of these). But I made an appointment anyways, hopefully my stylist is I don't really know what you want me to cut.


ShoreTurtle said...

Kids in the Hall--I love them!

Firefly's Running said...! HOW COOL! I loved that show. I started watching it during my senior year of HS.

Scott said...

Are those the guys that did, "I'm squeezing your head"?

Anonymous said...

I just had on of those hair cuts. I'm growing my hair back out as well. It was three months since my last haircut and so it wasn't looking so good, but I have to go on interviews. It all worked out - I'm looking cute again!

GeekGirl said...

Man do I love Scott Thompson. The Buddy Cole bits were awesome!