Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Best Bumper Sticker Ever

I'm not a huge fan of bumper stickers in general, I mean they usually make me laugh and whatever but always the same kind of humor, We get it George Bush sucks.

But today, driving into the lab there was a navy blue VW Jetta in front of me. And on the lower left there was a really small bumper sticker that said, "I guess I was punk once" I don't know, I just loved it. Jason went through a very punky stage in college (blue hair and everything!) and I wonder if he would like that bumper sticker. I thought on the back of the Jetta made it even more perfect. So if the used to be punky person driving the Jetta reads this....nice!

Yesterday I commuted back to the city via the Metra. Usually I read or shut my eyes for a few minutes, but yesterday I talked on the phone with the lovely cousin Lisa for 56 minutes. That's like way a new record for me. She is really fun to chat with on the phone (obviously).

Our workout yesterday was supposed to be stretch and strength but we realized we didn't have the car to get the gym and it was kind of nasty out so instead of lifting weights we lifted pizza into our mouths for dinner. yum!

Jason started working on our taxes and I continued to struggle with Sport Tracks. I am trying to get onto their forum to put the error, but of course you have to be approved first and so I'm waiting for that. I reinstalled Windows, with the newest version of everything with all the patches and updates and whatever the hell else is needed and no dice. Boo.

Tonight is just a 4 mile run, which I'm guess we'll take pretty easy since our legs are still a bit tired from Sunday.

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