Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just a Run & Some Wackiness

Yesterday I commuted back to the city at about 6pm via Metra and then met Jason for the rest of the trip home on the CTA system. We got home and went right back out to get in our 4.5 mile run. I was pleasantly pleased because I was thinking that the weather was going to be a rainy disaster and instead it was beautiful, about 48 and sunny. I think I forget how to run in warm weather after the winter because I overdressed a bit.

This time we also took the Garmin. We had been running so much without it, but I really like knowing what our pace and such is, so that will hopefully become a more consistent thing. Total time for the run was 39:26, with the miles breaking down like :

Mile 1 : 9:11 min/mile
Mile 2 : 8:52 min/mile
Mile 3 : 8:45 min/mile
Mile 4: 8:33 min/mile
Final 0.5 Mile : 7:56 min/mile

So again consistently hitting those mid/upper 8 minute miles comfortably....and the most important thing, really enjoying it these days. Marathon training tends to take a lot of time and work which I also like, but the runs lately haven’t been the only thing I am doing in my life which is a nice change.

Pretty quiet rest of the evening. Watched some American Idol.....who loves David Cook! I do I do. I think my top three are dreadlocks boy for pure sillyness (ok and he has really nice eyes), Australia Dude (Because after his little interview I found out how super competitive he is and sounded a bit like someone else I know...that someone might have done a “I am the winner & you are the loser” dance around a raquetball court when or he...won a game) and then David Cook for pure awesomeness. I hope he wins the whole thing.

So if you know me, you know I’m a little weird, a little different. I always tell Jason that I couldn’t have married anyone else as I am sure they would have left me as soon as some of that bubbled to the surface. So last night I was getting ready for bed and doing my Listerine rinse and I was leaning on the counter around the sink in the bathroom. I started running in place for some reason and I realized how ridiculous I must look in my (yes still wearing and loving them) Christmas pajama pants running in place while leaning on the sink, rinsing my mouth with Listerine. I heard Jason walking toward the bathroom and I started thinking, he’s going to look at me like I’m crazy. It was all I could do to keep going and not laugh before he got there. Then he ...just walked by. Didn’t say anything, didn’t stop to which point I lost it, Listerine went everywhere (good thing I was in front of the sink otherwise that would have been really *dramatic*). I was like, “Dude, nothing, no laugh, no why did I marry you? Nothing?” He laughed and said, “Yeah, you know, it doesn’t even phase me anymore.” Yep. That’s the guy I married, lucky him :-).


Firefly's Running said...

Nice run!

Laura said...

Leah, I do believe I'm holding out for someone like that - who isn't phased by my own personal version of crazy! You two sound awesome together.
P.S. Hope you don't think I'm stalking you with still reading your blog now that Chicago Marathon is over...