Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lazy Monday

I am so enjoying taking the train. I know I know, this is alway the attitude in the Late March - Early June phase when the commuting for 4 hours a day doesn't bother me. I am getting so much reading done and it's just so much more relaxing. With only me going to Fermilab now, the driving is really annoying and I became one of those single car drivers which of course I hate. I think this year might be different because unlike the past few summers I'm just not as busy as I had been. I'm almost at 100% of my time working on my thesis which at the moment doesn't have any deadlines (although I am really going to try and push for an August defense date, if nothing else to just let me go to whatever the next stage of my life is).

The next few weeks however are being spent putting the final touches on my analysis and giving one more presentation before sending the analysis back through the Editorial Board, this time to be approved for final publication. Oh hell yeah I did say that.

So yesterday was a stretch and strength day, which for those of you frequent readers know, we don't ever do. I know we should, but having nothing to do on a Monday evening was rather nice. So we had some dinner, watched some DVR, read a bit, Jason finished studying for his class (he's taking a class through his company) and went to bed. No noise from the maniacs upstairs, but we did have brooms ready to bang on the ceiling with.

The schedule this week is pretty mild. 4.5 miles today, 8x400m tomorrow & 3 miles + strength (maybe we'll really do the strength part!) on Thursday. Then Friday/Saturday off with the Shuffle on Sunday. Looking at the weather looks like it's going to be similar to what it was 2 years ago. Cold & Rainy. Awesome. Hello? Mother Nature...Yeah where is Spring? Oh well. It is what it is, we all made the choice to live in Chicago, so we deal.


Firefly's Running said...

I am SO hoping for NO RAIN for the Shuffle...please! All sun would be nice!

Triseverance said...

Good luck with the Shuffle, that is a fun race. Run fast, the pain is fleeting.