Friday, March 28, 2008

Never Going to Happen

Uh. Yeah.

Nope. Not sitting in a car for 90+ minutes, sleet and snow coming down and then not have a nice glass of wine. I didn't feel great when I got home late last night anyways and so either I am going to try and hit the gym this afternoon, or we'll run when Jason gets home...OR we'll just scratch the whole thing. I would rather not cause if we do it and then of course the race we'll have not missed a workout in a full 4 weeks. But if we do miss it, 3 miles missed isn't going to kill anything.

So we have one of these twitter accounts now. I was kind of like, yeah, what's the point of that and then I realized it's for when you have those little tiny comments that probably don't warrant a full post or if you are out and about (since you can update via text messages...which granted will take Jason and I an hour since we are the suckiest at texting..but that's not the point) and having some beers and slowly come to realize that the largish guy on the bar stool next to you is sneaking peanut M&Ms out of his at a time. Like he's embarrassed to be eating them? I don't know, but it was hilarious and I so would have twittered about him and his secret M&Ms had that been up and running a week ago. So anyways, the top 5 will always be on the right hand side of this blog although with this template it looks really stupid (maybe time to upgrade the template.....which might happen this weekend) or you can head to So alright, anyways, that's the new scoop with that.

Alright, well an early morning today as we got up at 4:30 because I wanted to get to the lab early so I could get prepared for a meeting with my adviser at 8am. Yes....Preparing means blogging...right?!?!

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