Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Not Driving, Feeling Summer & More Plans

I decided to take the train home from work yesterday. Not that there was a ton of traffic or anything, actually there was absolutely no traffic going my way. However, the traffic coming in from the western suburbs was absurd. Mind you, this was at about 9:30 in the morning and the Eisenhower was backed up from where I got on at Western all the way back to I-294. I just looked at all those cars and all the single drivers in the car and I realized that now that Jason has a job I am now a single driver. I realize I am not going to save the planet or money probably by taking the train, but it sure is more pleasant.

I am sitting on the train right now writing this blog actually. Although I’ll have to copy and paste it when I get into the lab as there is no internet on the trains. I really wish they would do that, there was talk of that happening when we took the trains a couple of years ago, but big surprise that nothing came out of it.

I am really enjoying going back into the lab. I am seeing old friends and colleagues and it has really made me miss working. Sitting at home all day and working and not seeing people makes you lazy I think. I’m not talking about being a stay at home parent, but I’m just talking about myself. Staying home, waiting for Jason to get home working a bit on my thesis, but never seeing anyone was getting so old. I am a pretty social person and even though I don’t see tons of people at the lab I do see a few people. So I am going back to the lab from now on I think or at least 3 or 4 days a week.

Plus taking the train I get to commute with Jason in the mornings on the city end which is fun. After getting home last night around 5:30, we went for a run. And we went for a run in shorts (ok and long sleeve shirts...but whatever). And I felt it. You know that feeling you have in the summer, you are out running careless and fancy free. It was still light out when we went running (thank you Daylight savings time) it was warm, people were out. I love Chicagoans, it was 40 degrees out I think and there was a dude out washing his car and we smelled some folks grilling out. Even a sniff of warm weather and people are out doing summer things. It was just a nice 4 mile neighborhood run. Nothing too much to note other than the summer is just around the corner.

Looking towards the future, I am also going to give a real job a try. I was thinking maybe I could come up with my own business ideas, and I still think I can do that and that might still happen if there isn’t a job opening that I want. I’m going to apply at Jason’s company as well as for some science research positions and other general programming positions. I have worked my ass off for this PhD and not that staying home would be throwing it away, but I think I have more to offer the world...and let’s face it, two paychecks is better than one. SO that’s the plan of the week anyways. Just having the thought in my head though makes me want to get my thesis done and I haven’t actually felt that in a long time.

Alright, well all this talk about the train and single car drivers...and I’m driving home tonight. We have 7x400m run and we would like to get some new shoes as we are starting to feel the runs in our legs a bit too much. So I am going to pick Jason up from work and we’ll be all ready to run. We’ll stop into Fleet Feet over by North Ave and then just go run on the lakefront path. I even dusted off my Garmin for the occasion.

Stay tuned tomorrow as I have more ideas (ok they’re plans shut up) about commuting as well as a running schedule for the summer. I know I are all on the EDGE of your seat.


Firefly's Running said...

It's always great to have future plans to think about. I agree with you that it's much more relaxing to ride the train to work. Driving does bite at times especially during rush hour.

Bridgette said...

What shoes did you get??

LeahC said...

the same shoes I have gotten for 4 years :-) Brooks Adrenaline, now on version 8!