Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I'm Home!!

Well after a week of wonderful sun and laziness I'm back home in Sweet Home Chicago. I might not be warm, but always great to get home after a long trip.

I took a ton of pictures and will be going through those today and have links up to albums hopefully by tomorrow along with a full recap of the trip.

I ran about 4 times there and even did some swimming. No I still can't swim, but I think I *could* if I just practiced. I don't know if we are going to be marathoning this year which can be good because I'll be able to do other workouts other than running. I might try and do some swimming down at Ohio St. Beach because I think it stays shallow for a long time. That way, after I swim about 10 strokes and I'm dying I can stand up and breathe. We'll see. I am guessing more fun to swim in that blue Caribbean sea and not cold old Lake Michigan, but I'll take the non-salt water since I think I ended up drinking more water than breathing air.

So. That's about it. Tonight we'll run 3.5 miles and try and stay on top of our training since the Flying Pig is quickly approaching.


Sailor Sue said...

Don't let Leah fool you. She is a LASER beam in the water!

Bridgette said...

Finally home! I want all the details. Omit nothing.

Ryan said...

So I am out of the loop, but glad to see you are relaxing and vacationing! Flying pig... cool!