Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Remembering to Recover

Yesterday was a 4 mile run. The Higdon plan doesn't really specify (or I don't think so anyways) the pace that these should be run at. When using the Pfitz plan however I think remember the run after a long run being a recovery run....or that's all garbage and I just wanted to do a recovery run yesterday. I think that we did our 8 miles on Sunday *a bit* to fast, but shit, when you are feeling strong and good it's so hard to slow down.

So we just did a common 4 mile neighborhood loop at just under a 10 min/mile pace. Although it was pretty nasty out we were still able to run in shorts which to me, means that spring is on it's way. Sure it's windy and kind of rainy...BUT it's still 42 degrees and it's not 15 degrees out and there. It's getting better.

Back at the lab today I tracked down some lost W2 forms so we can finish up our taxes. Just so you know how pitiful it is being a graduate student, Jason made $5,000 more than me in 3.5 months at his new job than I did all year. No no, I know, it's not all about the money, it's about the science and while that is little graduate students make is really driven home after looking at some W2 forms and it ends up being kind of pathetic.

Tonight is a 40 minute tempo run which we will do on the lake front path. Even with my super sticky Post It note with the word GARMIN on it stuck to my bathroom mirror, I managed to forget my Garmin at home. So we will just do the run by time (which we would have done anyways) and just make sure we start at a mile marker so we can have an idea for the distance. We are veteran enough at this point in our running careers to know if we are going too slow during the part where we should be going fast.

Tomorrow is Thursday and then Jason has Friday off. We plan on celebrating the Good Friday holiday watching college basketball. For those of you in the Charity Bracket buster, just wait till you see the last three places. I might have picked one bracket to have the 4 Big 10 teams in the Final Four. Hey, it could happen and you gotta root for your division right?

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