Thursday, March 20, 2008

Then I Started Screaming

So I'm laying in bed this morning listening to Drex in the morning (he's good in the morning because he will actually talk about politics and not just whatever new sex position his listeners are trying out) and they are talking about the news and how Dick Cheney is a tool and so on. Then the news lady says, "And we have a winter storm watch coming with 6 inches possible by Friday night". So I started screaming, Jason came flying out of the bathroom and was like, what the hell happened.

Are you kidding me. Winter storm watch. Hey Mother Nature, why don't you got &%*$# yourself. Ok I don't really mean that, as I am a nature fan, but seriously....It's MARCH 20th. No more snow please.

Yesterday was a 40 minute tempo run on the schedule. We have only been doing these on the treadmill which I think is easier because obviously the belt is doing some of the work for you (yes yes I put an incline on the machine, but still, it's not the same) and when you are just running it's easier to go, ok, well that's too fast I'm tired. So we went sans Garmin, but I came up with a plan since the Lakefront path is so nicely marked in 1/2 mile increments. We would do a 1 mile warm up, then 5 1/2 mile segments speeding up so that the 4th one is the fastest, and slowing *slightly* for the 5th, then a mile cool down. I figured out the time each of the 1/2 mile segments should be done in to give an appropriate pace. My plan was this :

Goal Time 1 (0.0-0.5 mile) = 4:10 (8:20 min/mile pace)
Goal Time 2 (0.5-1.0 mile) = 4:00 (8:00 min/mile pace)
Goal Time 3 (1.0-1.5 mile) = 3:50 (7:40 min/mile pace)
Goal Time 4 (1.5-2.0 mile) = 3:40 (7:20 min/mile pace)
Goal Time 5 (2.0-2.5 mile) = 3:50 (7:40 min/mile pace)

So we started out, we did a bit more of a warmup than a mile and then we got into it. Since I still can't get Sporttracks to work (I do have a message in the forums now and not that it would matter now as I didn't use a Garmin), I'm just copying and pasting what I manually entered into the log I have going on RunningAhead (which is pretty good).

So what you can see is that our intervals were fantastic! We started out exactly where we wanted to at 8:18, and then all the subsequent 1/2 mile intervals were faster than planned. It should also be noted that while we were tired, this was by no means super tough. It was pretty comfortable and we felt great at the end....although a little chilly as we still had a long walk back to the car. On the way home we stopped at Small Bar for some Fat Tire beers and cheeseburgers.

The plan this morning was to drive back to the lab and continue my tear on my thesis, but Jason didn't give me back the car key since we had them separated when we went running last night. On top of that I think I left my bus card at work....for some reason I think I emptied my change purse which is where the card lives...although I don't really remember doing that so I don't know where the card is...well at least that will make me crazy until Monday morning when I go back in. So working at home today.

Today was a 3 mile + strength but we are going to move that to tomorrow since Jason has the day off and we can go to the gym in the later morning when the gym might be a bit emptier.

Today is the start of March Madness...SO.... GO HOOSIERS!


Anonymous said...

I'm screaming right with you! I guess now I have to say go TENNESSEE!

mouse said...

thank you for stating that treadmill running is actually EASIER than running outside.

evidently there are TOTAL FUCKING IDIOTS out there who like to say it's the opposite. I just want to scream "IT DOESN'T TAKE A PHYSICS MAJOR TO UNDERSTAND THAT THE TREADMILL'S DOING SOME OF THE WORK FOR YOU, YOU IDIOT." alas, maybe it does. :)

Firefly's Running said...

I love treadmill workout. I wish it would NOT be snowing tommorow.

LeahC said...


if you love treadmill workouts...then wouldn't you not care if it snows tomorrow as it wouldn't affect your workout?

I'm just saying...snow really only affects running outdoors.

Nicole said...

Oooo...that website looks like a fun new toy :)