Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekend Roundup

Well that was fun. We ended up with a super fun weekend in our backpockets.

On Friday we went to Map Room over on Armitage because well...because we wanted to. We went there many many years ago and remembered it being cool with lots of good beers. Jason's friend from work and our very own Jake and LaurA! were planning on coming out as well. The drive over there was hideous as apparently January called and said it didn't get enough snow so it was going to have to borrow some time from March and get that in. We got a call from Jake who said they wouldn't be able to make it and as Jason doesn't have any way to contact his friend we didn't think they were going to make the trek from Lincoln Park. But we stayed for a few hours and watched some basketball and drank many a strong beer.

We did however get a hold of Geoff (another friend of Jason's) and made plans to meet him at Piece in Bucktown to watch the IU game. On the walk over there we stopped at the Northside for some dinner and...well more beer of course. After dinner we walked over to Piece only to find it as ridiculous as the last time we were in there. How do you have that much space filled with so much Trixie garbage. It was just really crowded and there was no way that we were going to really be able to enjoy the game and so we decided to head to Small Bar where Dan, a Fermilab friend of ours was heading anyways.

Small Bar was spectacular as usual. Lots of delicious beer (so much high alcohol content beers) and lots of laughing among friends. An IU loss as well which sad, was not surprising. Talk of Guitar Hero started and 4 beers later were were stumbling back to our apartment for some guitaring craziness. However, on the way back someone (probably me) thought throwing snowballs would be super fun.

Yeah. Dan and I got into an *epic* snow ball fight. I am very competitive but didn't come close to winning OR giving up. I seriously think my jaw was hit along with my rib cage as they are still sore to the touch. That and the fact that I feel like I was in a car accident makes me think I not only lost, but I lost by an embarresing amount. Oh well. Last snow fall of the season I'm hoping so I'll have to work on my skills next year.

We ended going to bed at 3am....almost exactly 12 hours after getting to Map Room.

The next day we had a 4 mile run at pace (which in my hungover state I was thrilled about) and we also had to get our car from where we had left it the day before. So we combined the two, finishing our run right next to our car. We paced 8:17 min/mile which was perfect. We had wanted to slow those down from the 8 min/mile we had been doing, and thrilled with 8:17 after the previous evening shenanigans.

Saturday night we went with The Jayhawk Who Runs and the Guy Who Thinks He's Out of Shape Yet Is Training For An Ironman to visit other running blogger friends. We watched a lot of basketball and had a nice dinner and laughed at me and my brilliant basketball picks. As usual Georgetown is a disappointment.

Sunday we had a long run to do and then we were invited to my stepmom's family's house for Easter dinner. We got up kind of early so that we could get some laundry done before heading out to run. I don't understand. We always have dirty clothes. I feel like we could live in a room lined with washers and dryers and there would just be an unending pile of dirty clothes in the middle of it. Jason also surprised me with an Easter basket (Peeps and all!) on Sunday morning on his way back from getting some quarters to do the ever non disappearing pile of laundry.

Our run went great. We just went to the lakefront path because we were worried about how muddy and snowy the Waterfall Glenn trail would be and since we were heading back out that way for dinner we couldn't get quite organized to go run and then bring all we needed to shower at my Aunt and Uncle's house. We did try to do any hill that we saw on the path. The splits were as follows :
Mile 1 : 9:26
Mile 2 : 9:01
Mile 3 : 8:33
Mile 4 : 8:45
Mile 5 : 8:53
Mile 6 : 8:40
Mile 7 : 8:23
Mile 8 : 8:04
Mile 9 : 7:47

So another nice negative split run, which is good to see. Although not many hills on the lakefront path, there was a nice steady head wind for the last 4.5 miles. So we were happy to see our paces be low for those last 4 miles with really nice paces for the last two miles. We have the Shamrock Shuffle next weekend and then the half marathon coming up in just over a month. I don't know what my goals are for either, so that should probably be thought about over the next few days.

We had a fun time with the family, more laughing at me and my picks. Sigh. Dinner was wonderful and fun to see everyone. So a great weekend....

Although a shitty shitty night's sleep to end it all. The loud people upstairs were at it (and by it I mean really really loud sex) at about 3am waking both Jason and I up. I have no idea what to do in this situation. Post It note on the mailbox?

"Dear 2F, can you move your bedroom to the other bedroom in the apartment as we can hear every move you make Thanks! 1F"


"Dear 2F, Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your sex life we REALLY appreciate it. But now that you have taken many many nights of sleep away from us, how about doing your business in rooms other than the one right over our bed. Kisses! 1F"


"Dear 2F, We are so happy that you are such a sexually healthy couple. I mean really. You go. But as we don't really want to be a part of that relationship can you please SHUT THE FUCK UP? XOXO!-1F"

I don't know. Suggestions? Very annoying either way as a busy Monday will end up a sleepy Monday.

This week we will run Tuesday-Thursday and then rest up the legs for the Shuffle on Sunday. Yeah for kicking off the racing season.

And with that super long winded Weekend roundup I will let you get back to your regularly scheduled work I know everyone took the time to read all the way down here.


mouse said...

I vote for option 3, but really all of them are hilarious and get the point across. honestly, if I got a note like that on my door, I would totally appreciate the humor, and would definitely be more cognizant of the noise level when certain activities were happening.

Firefly's Running said...

I disagree with Mouse - I think option number TWO is much better.