Saturday, March 01, 2008

Almost there

For all of those who were wondering why I (Jason) haven't been posting recently (which would be a weird thing to wonder given that I hardly ever post), it's because I relapsed this last week. If you'll recall, I was all mega-sick last week, even missing a day and a half of work.

Then, Monday I was back at work. I was tired, but that was to be expected given that I had dropped Leah off at the airport that morning (at 4 am!). Then the next day I was really tired too, but maybe that was just because I wasn't caught up on my sleep yet. But then Wednesday came and I started out tired and ended up feverish. Yep, time to leave work early again. Gah! This flu is so annoying. I took Thursday off work again and today, Saturday, I am probably feeling the best I have in awhile.

The point of all this is that I've been too tired to post recently. I've really only had the energy to watch stupid TV and lay around. It's very boring and I've very sick of it and it's very much time for Leah to come home and entertain me.

Still, there is hope. Tomorrow is supposed to be a brief respite with a high of 49. I can't wait.

...and then it's back to 30's and snow. Spring? Hello? Spring?

...i miss you


Nicole said...

Hope you feel 100% soon. I miss spring too.

Firefly's Running said...

This flu that's going around just sucks. Get well soon.

Bridgette said...

Is it wrong of me that I feel bad for you, but didn't feel bad for Leah when she was sick?


Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Get well soon!