Friday, April 28, 2006

Well That Was Better

First off I want to thank everyone that commented on my post yesterday. I think a regroup day is almost in order. With the race just a week away I want to try and stay in the game. We are planning for some days off (which in my opinion should involve lots of beers!) after the race. Woot on onto today's run.

After yesterday's debacle of a run, I was a little worried my legs would still be heavy for today's 3 mile run. We started off slow on the most beautiful day I am thinking ever. There were no clouds in the sky and the temperature was in the high 50's. Honestly, it can't get any better than that. We went out on the usual lakefront path out and back deal stopping at the lake front so we can enjoy as much time outside and walked the mile home.

It was a great run. I know it's only 3 miles, and it's an "easy" run, so still no excuses for yesterday's run...but still nice to get out there and cruise fastish (yes that IS a my dictionary anyways) through a 3 mile run.

On the walk back home, we were walking down Waveland Ave by the ball park during batting practice and all of a sudden all the eyes turn towards the bleachers as someone had hit a ball out of the park! This was it, this is what we have been waiting for for the past three years. It will bounce and we will catch it and glory will be had by the JasonLeah Clan. That was until the kid with the glove ran in front of us and made a nice catch. Dammit.

Tomorrow is 3 miles at pace and Sunday is 12 miles. I will be at the lab from 4-midnight through the weekend too but hopefully the runs will still go alright now that I am on this schedule and a bit more used to it.


Josh said...

At least it was a kid and not a 38 year old balding male :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you had a good run. Also, don't beat yourself up over your run yesterday - we all have bad days.

Too bad about the ball - it is on my to do list to get a ball one day.

Joe said...

> With the race just a week away I
> want to try and stay in the game.

Which race are you going in?

LeahC said...

We are running the Indianapolis 1/2 marathon on Saturday (shit that's a week from today!)