Friday, April 14, 2006

Here's to a Great Summer

Yesterday was a bad day at work.

I am trying to get a hold of a title for my car because apperently I lose everything. It's a $400 dollar car and I have to jump through many many freakin' loops just to get it out of my hands. If I could just find that damn manilla folder that says 'Nissan' on it I wouldn't have to do this. Anyways, I then completly forgot about a meeting so had to drive like a maniac to get there. It ended up being a good meeting, but during the meeting one of the grad students made some snide comments my way, and I didn't really understand the need for that. Maybe he's right though, maybe I do need a "pep rally" instead of a career night, not kidding as those were the words that were used. Oh well, maybe I just took it the wrong way.

I had also e-mailed my advisor to tell him I didn't think my analysis was going to be ready for a conference next week, and when I got back from the meeting he had written back saying because I was going out town this weekened I was probably right the analysis wouldn't be done. So I finally took the plunge and sent him back e-mail telling him I needed more support to get through this analysis and I also mentioned that I told him back in March when I could have pulled myself from the conference without it being an issue that due to all this other stuff happening I didn't think it would get done. I didn't want to send the e-mail because I really like my advisor and I thought I was sounding really whiny and I don't like to cause waves. But I sent it on anyways.

Then the day totally flipped around. I got home and he had written back and said that I was right about the conference and he should have listened to me and we are going to start to have daily meetings to make sure we both stay on track and know what is going on with the analysis. I am excited to work more closely with him on this physics analysis and get a result out in the next couple of months. Needless to say, Jason and I are going to have a really busy summer with me working to get this analysis done for summer conferences and shifting at the lab AND training for the marathon. But I think it's going to be good. I do like being busy and I think if we are super organized with our time we can get it all done and fit everything in. After the analysis is done then it's on to writing my thesis and then hopefully graduating by December. (December is not that far away!)

Yesterday we also went for a nice 3.2 mile run. Afterwards we headed over to Toons on the corner of Byron and Southport for some cheese burgers and beers. I have also...wait for it, this is really exciting....decided that I like my new bangs. I know I told you it would be very exciting!

This afternoon we leave for Fort Wayne for a weekend with Jason's family. Jason contacted this running group over there and we'll be joining them for our 10 mile run tomorrow morning. We are flipping the days around so we can run with people who know where to run in that city, since we just end up running on the side of big roads which are too hilly and too dangerous for my preferance. We have never run in a group so it will be a new experience, but should be pretty fun. Then we'll just run 5 miles on Sunday at some point.


Haight said...

Busy busy busy...definitely a balancing act.

But make sure you have some time set aside for a few more Cub games. Oh, and the neighborhood street festivals...and the 'Taste'...and maybe a cruise up to Ravinia (you can park in our driveway)...or a little roadtrip to Summerfest...Justin's beergarden...Venician Night...a few more Cub games...and...sorry, got carried away.

Well, at least it will be a 'good' busy :)

LeahC said...

Oh we'll fit in all that good Chicago summer stuff too! Last year I think we ate at the taste almost every day! when we ride our bikes it's easy just to stop there on the way home from work for dinner. ooooh I can't freakin' wait.

Joe said...

I want to commend you guys for going to the effort to seek out a running group to join while you are away for the weekend. It would be so easy to use the weekend visit as an excuse for not sticking with your training program.

LeahC said...

thanks joe. I am looking forward to running with these people. the route we usually do at jason's folks house isn't very fun so we'll see were these folks run and we can have more places to run when we visit.