Thursday, April 06, 2006

Oh The Pain

Well I have been having some "discomfort" in one of my teeth. Tonight will see me at Wrigleyville Dental to have them checked out. I am NOT looking forward to this appointment (although I suppose that no one likes going to the dentist). But I am REALLY not looking forward to this one. See, let's just say, I don't have the best teeth in the world. Due to some genetics and my insane love for candy I think they are rebelling against me. I have a cap on one of my teeth and although it looks better than the silver fillings and no one can tell it's fake it still bugs me that I have a fake tooth at such a young age. sigh. The real problem is that being grad students we don't have dental insurance and so the price tends to move up quickly and so the problems get worse because I can't get in to see a dentist on a regular basis. It's just embarrising for me because I have to go into the dentist's and say, "Yes I think they are all falling out. Can you just yank them?" and then Mr. NiceDentist (and the dentist at Wriglyville dental is really nice I'm not just sayng that!) says, "Oh no they aren't, you'll be fine." while secretly under his breath he's saying, "This girl's mouth is a travesty, so sad for such a young girl." (I might might be being a little dramatic)

Today I am on shift again. Actually I am on shift all week from 8am-4pm. Nothing too exciting happening here at the lab because the beam is not turned on. So I just basically babysit computers and fix things if they go wrong. It would be so much more exciting with data because you would know that your actions are affecting the experiment's ability to produce results (ok maybe not THAT dramatic but still...). This is the picture of the control room here at the D-Zero experiment at Fermi Lab. I am sitting (if I wasn't taking the picture) on the left hand side of the picture in front of the laptop.

This morning as we were driving int the lab the sky was oh so beautiful, so I took these two pictures trying to capture the essense of the morning. (what the hell is this girl talking about?)


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the dentist. Glad to hear he is really nice. Great photos. The control room looks very impressive and the sunrise photos are spectacular. Of course I'm a sucker for such things.

LeahC said...

Hi Sue!

Thanks. I totally like dentists that point out their bad teeth cause it makes me feel like less of a loser. The guy i had last time had all his front teeth hopefully i get him again. we'll see. The sunrises here at Fermi Lab are quite impressive usually.