Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Okay, so that's too much

In figuring out the whole commute/run thing, part of the process is figuring out when we are doing too much. Leah and I like to fool ourselves and say that we are never doing too much, but sometimes something has to give.

In this case, we are going to have to go easy on the biking. On Monday, we biked downtown in the morning and back home from downtown at night, bookending our night of volleyball. This all felt pretty good and we were riding pretty high so we decided to ride our bikes again today. The problem with today was that we also had a 5 miles run. It seems that 5 miles of running and 12 miles of biking is more than we can easily handle.

I'm very tired.

So, in the interest of saving our energy and our legs for running, we are going to temper our bike riding. But, it's going to be okay (in case some of you were worried). You see, the Pfitz plan calls for cross training/rest days, so we can ride our bikes to commute on those days. Then, on the regular running days, we can drive to work or commute with trains on both ends. It's a potpourri of commuting options, if you will.

The really annoying thing today was that we were already tired and then there was this nasty wind blowing in our face for half the run. I hate when that happens. You know what the problem is with wind? When you are running into the wind (say, for example, a 20 mph wind) you are also running at a certain speed (6-7 mph, usually). So the relative wind velocity is 26 mph. The unfair part is, when you turn around, you are taking away some of the wind's push due to your running velocity (the relative wind is only around 14 mph). Nature is clearly unfair.

Making it all worth it? We get home and, what do you know, there is a package wait for Leah. Her Dad and Stepmom at currently moored in Key West and sent Key (West) Lime candy to us! There is key lime chocolate, jelly beans, taffy, balls, and...other stuff. Good stuff.

All in all, a good (but tiring) day. Actually, as far as I'm concerned, every day that ends in a candy delivery is a good day.


Running Jayhawk said...

I vote for a RBF field trip to Key West to meet Leah's oh so cool dad.

But seriously, don't kill yourselves, guys. And have a bit of flexibility with your schedule, especially considering the fabulous Chicago weather. I hear it's supposed to rain the rest of the week...

LeahC said...

I think he would like that! I hope it doesn't rain today (at least betweeen 1:20 and ~4) as I'll be at wrigley!

go cubs

Scott said...

By all means! Come to Key West...we'll be here another month. Hurry before they run out of BEER!