Tuesday, April 04, 2006


You've got to be like a shark. Never stop moving. You stop moving, you die.

So to speak.

With the great springtime weather springing, Leah and I have started riding our bike to the train station again. This is great news as taking the el to the train takes longer and costs more than biking, as Leah mentioned below. The downside of this is that it is hard.

I mean, we don't ride fast or anything, but still. 6 miles each way is an extra 12 miles of biking that we weren't doing before and it is pretty tiring at first. Besides that, my ass feels like I've been violated. I need my butt nerves to deaden.

So we are getting up at about 4:15 am and after all the bike riding and commuting, once we get home we are quite tired. How do we make it out the door again for our 4.5 mile run? Never stop moving. You have to get home, throw on your running clothes, and get right back out the door. If you sit down to watch that one rerun of Friends, you are done. I don't care if it is the one where Chandler says that really funny thing and Joey doesn't get it, you still can't rest or it will get real hard to get back up.

On the plus side, this is the best my legs have felt on a tuesday in a long time. I mean, they were still a little sore from the Shamrock Shuffle, but they felt pretty loose (Jello is loose, right?). Usually on tuesdays, I feel like I running on two little peg legs...lots of impact, very little shock absorption. I think it is because of volleyball on Mondays. Volleyball forces my slow-twitch muscles to try and move like fast-twitch muscles. I don't have any fast-twitch. I'm actually 112% slow-twitch muscle (yeah, it's weird, but true). As a result, the volleyball movement makes my legs pretty sore. The biking seems to have worked some of that soreness out and the 4.5 miles run went really well.

So far so good, but it is only one day. We'll have to see how the biking combines with the running long term. Obviously, if it interferes with marathon training, the bikiing goes first, but I'm optimistic that we can make it work. We just have to keep moving.

On another note, after seeing Leah's great placing in the Shamrock Shuffle, and seeing how we finished at the same time, I've realized I'm a pretty great runner...except for one thing. After giving it some thought, I'm thinking that there might be a quick and easy way to get better in my division.



mmmm...maybe not.


Jason said...

Hey all -

I accidentally posted this as Leah, but I'm not Leah. Even in a dress, we look very different. This is me fixing the mis-post. I'm also transferring over a comment that Danny, over at Training for my Next Marathon, made.

From Danny:

that's called the east german method!

Anonymous said...

Pink is definitely your color. Will you wear this outfit at the Indy race?

Jason said...

I'll borrow the dress from Mark Prior.

Haight said...

Nice look. But I'm thinking a sports bra would have been necessary...just sayin'

LeahC said...