Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tempo Run

So that's how they get the prisoners to speak at Gitmo.

I can just see Jack Bauer running along side a terrorist mastermind...


Won't speak, eh? Let's increase that pace. Give a little info, we'll dial the tempo down. Better national security through cardiovascular fitness.

Aaaaannnnyway, we had a 40 minute tempo run today for this week's installment of speedwork. It was a 15 minute warmup, followed by 5 4-minute intervals, followed by a 5 minute cooldown. We also had a little ways to walk back to the car (~1/2 mile). So, we increased out speed a bit for the first three intervals and then, for the fourth interval, we hit our max pace for the firt 2 minutes and then brought it down for 2 minutes, and then the last interval was down one more notch. For those keeping score, this was the same method as last time. Also, today's weather was perfect (58 and overcast).

I'm a big fan of the "out and back" method of running distance. Because, with "out and back," once you get out you still have to get back. This takes most all of the advantage out of stopping and walking because, if you walk, you have to walk all the way back. If it is even a couple miles back, that is a long walk. I mention this because, after two pace increases, I was about ready to curl up in the fetal postion and cry (thus showing myself to be a "sensitive male"; chicks dig this). The main thing that kept me from doing this was the thought of how far I had to go back to get to my car. 40 minutes of walking was less than appealing at this point, so I thought I would just gut it out. I think this was a good decision as I finished the run just fine.

Leah seemed to have a really good run. Generally this isn't anything noteworthy, but Leah had been sick all day. I'm not sure what was wrong with her, but she seemed to have a slight fever and was sick to her stomach. At one point, I tried very hard to convince her that a tempo run might cause more harm than good if she was sick, but she was very clear that she was running today. I considered forbidding her from running, but thought that might be an exercise in futility (I'm sure everyone who knows Leah is laughing at the thought of me forbidding Leah to do something. She is nothing if not a creature of amazing willpower, which is probably why she's a marathoner). Anyway, sick or not, she rallied and ran very well.

So, long story short, tempo run's finished, everyone's happy, and I'm drinking my high-carb recovery drink (beer). Cheers.


ShoreTurtle said...

I like out and back runs for the same reason.

Bob said...

mmmmmmm beer. And you caught me giggling at the thought of you saying (Hands on hips) "Leah, you may not run today!"

And I love the Jack Bauer quote, gotta love that show.

Nice run.

Thomas said...

Personally I think chicks only pretend to go for the sensitive guys. When it comes to actually picking a guy, it's the bastards who walk away with the prize.

Anyway, I'm quite jealous of your weather. We've got clear sky and beautiful sunshine, yet it's still only 0C/32F when I go out running in the morning.

Good luck for the half!

LeahC said...

Thanks Thomas. Yes our weather is moving in the correct direction!