Monday, April 03, 2006

Shamrock Shuffle Official Results

The race is over and the big question is how did we do? Interested in all the gory details? Click here. Our official results are:


Chip Time : 37:39 (exactly what my watch said)
Pace : 7:34 minutes/mile
Overall Place : 2111/20408 = top 10.3%
Sex Place : 343/10702 = top 3.2% (that's the new hotness right there!)
Div Place : 127/3735 = top 3.4% (division I think is females between the ages 25-29)
Of people named Leah : 2nd Place!

Chip Time : 37:39
Pace : 7:34 minutes/mile
Overall Place : 2108/20408 (yes I am aware that he is "ahead" of me, but our times are the same so I think it must be by alphabetical order....I also know that I crossed first but whatever it doesn't matter) = top 10.3%
Sex Place : 1768/9706 = top 18.2% AwEsOmE
Div Place : 450/2462 = top 18.2% (again males between the ages of 25-29)
It is clear that boys are much faster than girls so while I am way up there in the womans' field Jason is at top 18% of the mens. Still freakin' awesome though! So I think we can say we did good! This is a really fun race and I suggest that everyone comes on down to Chicago and give it a try!


Bob said...

A big wooooohoooo you 3 percenter you. And Jason you gotta quit letting Leah slow you down dude. ;)

Great Race you two!

LeahC said...

Thanks! I wonder how fast Jason would be if he trained with someone faster than always get faster if you train with someone just have to keep up.

Bob said...

My guess is that is not an option for Jason, and that you push enough as is.

LeahC said...

yeah i think we are good at pushing each other to go faster. we'll see what happens with the rest of our races this year.

nancytoby said...

Way to go both of you!!

Where did Jason place among people named Jason!? ;-)

Jason said...

hmmm...good question.

There were 118 Jasons and I was...definitely not first. Top 5 or ten, though.

I dominated the Rieger division, though (Leah is listed as Welty-Rieger).

LeahC said...

Thanks nancy!

Running Jayhawk said...

Quite an impressive time! Then again, I'm really slow, so any time faster than mine is impressive by my standards.

At least everyone finished the course before the rain ensued. And man, I hate running on the grates over the river...I always look down and feel all woozy.

LeahC said...

Thanks jayhawk! I was standing under the tent trying really hard to enjoy the cold beer and i looked out from the tent and I was like, "rain oh come on!" since we still had to get back home.

Yes the grates we a bit annoying. During the chicago marathon they put red carpet things down over them....which was pretty nice.

Brandon said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment. Your times aren't too shabby. Congrats!

I wish I could have stayed for the festivities - but I had to run to work. No fun for me.


Haight said...

Great job guys! I didn't have a successful Shuffle, but it's always an enjoyable event.

Go Cubs!!!