Thursday, April 06, 2006

Gotta Come Back to Center

Well a disappointing dental appointment to say the least. Because my bite is a bit screwed up (only my back 2 teeth hit) & it looks like I am grinding my teeth at night (apparently the dentist can tell because these little circles show up on the top of the teeth and the back teeth are all flat!), I am starting to fracture my teeth. That's right people, my teeth are fracturing. So the tooth that I was having some pain in had a crack right down the middle of it. "Luckily" the crack didn't go all the way down to the nerve and so he was able to fix it by putting a cap on the tooth which he said will act like a belt and squeeze the tooth together. He was talking to me and was telling me that it would probably be a good idea to get this surgery to fix my bite; oh and as a side note I would need to have braces again. I AM 26 YEARS OLD. Can you imagine braces as an adult (how many people thought of Miranda in Sex and The City?)? That was tramatic enough as a kid.....let's not even go into the cost of all this stuff. He didn't say that I would need it tomorrow, but just as a thought to try and prevent more problems in the future.

So hysterical as I was, I came home and told Jason to get his *&%$^ running clothes on. We changed and went out for a run. It always helps just getting out there and calming down a little bit. "Returning to Center," so to speak. It puts somewhat of a perspective on the whole situation. So, I'll get these teeth fixed, and maybe Jason hurry ups and graduates so he can make some real money and we can afford this dental malarky.

So our 3.3 mile run went really well. It's a nice coolish evening which is perfect for a run (even if I am exhausted!)


Runner Girl said...


Don't feel bad; my husband has the same problem. His dentist told him he also needed braces. Some of his molars are a little crowded, which makes him more susceptible to getting cavities. He hates his teeth, but I think they are cute! I love his little croaked front tooth :)


LeahC said...

Hi Jennifer-

Thanks for the note. I a bit worried about my teeth....but maybe now is actually a good time to take of them given that I am in graduate school (if I figure out the money thing) and don't really need to impress anyone and it would be ok if I had to have my mouth wired shut for some period of time.....although I don't think anyone in the Jason&Leah household would be very happy about it!

Joe said...

> it looks like I am grinding my
> teeth at night

I'm a grinder too. Have you tried wearing a night guard? It's like the mouth guard that hockey players and football players use except you wear it at night to prevent tooth damage when you grind your teeth.

I have been wearing one for years and it has stopped the damage caused by grinding. Not only that, but you also don't wake up with headaches caused by the grinding.

Your dentist should be able to custom make one for you. I highly recommend them.

LeahC said...


Thanks for the tip. I'll have to look into it. They did talk about some kind of night guard but the one that they were talking about only clipped onto the two front teeth. Because my front teeth don't come together, this will wouldn't work. But maybe a full mouth guard is a good idea. I am planning on going in next week and getting a full analysis of my mouth and find out what actions need to be taken and how soon. So. Much. Fun.