Saturday, April 15, 2006

Fort Wayne 10 Miles

This morning Jason and I joined the PR Training group at Sweeny Park to get our weekly long run in....but let me back track a bit.

We got to Fort Wayne last night and went out to dinner with Jason's parents and his oldest brother Andy. We sit down and the waitress is taking our drink orders and Jason's mom orders a glass of wine and then Andy orders a glass of wine. While this is happening I am looking at the menu for a beer know beer = carbs. The waitress looks at me as says, "We have a wide array of Pepsi products". I say, "Um, well I'd like an Amstel Light". She says, "I'm going to need your ID". So I give it to her and she laughs and says, "Geez, I thought you were like 18......" So I mean it's good I guess to look younger than you are, but 18? Really? Yeah that's off by 8 years!

Anyways, we went to bed around 11pm and set Jason's cell phone alarm to go off at 6am. The group doesn't meet until 8, but that would give us time to get up and have a cup of coffee and a relaxed breakfast. So the phone starts going off and I look at the clock on the bedside table and I go...."JASON!!! It's 7am, the phone didn't switch time zones!" So we threw our running clothes on and inhaled a piece of toast some OJ and a sip or two of coffee and headed out the door.

We met the group at Sweeny park and as usual with us (ok ok with me!) we were the first ones there. Soon enough other runners showed up however and everyone went around and said how far they were going to run and there were plenty of people running 10 miles. So we started out and hooked up with two guys, Greg and Ken and ran with them the whole way. It was really run to run with people that we didn't know because there was lots to talk about and the miles just flew off. I guess Greg was saying that he usually runs about 9.5 minute miles and that felt about right, we might have been a little faster but not too much. Ken was great because he was a bit older than us and just kept saying, "I'm not really a runner" and then he would tell us a race story and say, "Well I got to the first mile at about 7 minutes." He was such a nice guy and I guess he said his first race was a 5K on his 60th birthday. His daughter asked him to run it with her and so he did and it looked to me like he's got the running bug....and a fast bug at that!

So Jason and I would like to thank the PR group for letting us join them on their run today and hopefully we'll see some of them at the Indy Mini and it sounded like lots of them are also thinking or already signed up for the Chicago Marathon.

Tomorrow we'll go out for aout 5 or 6 miles and I think we'll go back to that park because it was really nice to run at and because if we run around Jason's folk's house there aren't many sidewalks and lots of hills...both things I don't like.


Anonymous said...

Well I'm 2 years older and I get accused about being 18 all the time. I even recently got carded to go to a rated R flim. I figure when I'm 50 Ihope people think I look 30. So here's to looking young and taking care of yourself.

Anonymous said...


I'm glad to hear you had fun running with the Fort Wayne group. I love running with our running group. And you are right, it makes the time just fly by. You are able to meet the nicest people while getting your run in for the day. Who could ask for anything more?


LeahC said...

I was just so amazed because as usual my legs felt a little stiffish in the first couple miles and then all of a sudden we were at mile 9!! It was great. It's too bad that I will be so busy this summer with crazy schedules to join a training group in the city.

tri-boy said...

You guys really do travel to run.
I was in Fort Wayne last year and it was a flight from Chicago.
Here in the UK there are loads of local runs.