Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tempo Run called on account of teeth

Today we were slated for a 45 minute tempo run, which actually probably would have gone really well since both Leah and I felt really good during yesterday's run. However, the teeth must come first so there was the first Tooth Delay of our marathon training.

As Leah's mentioned before, she has a few issues with her bite that are causing her teeth to fracture. While this sounds fun, it turns out that it really is kind of bad. The solution to this problem is oral surgery and braces and so today Leah took a trip to the orthodontist to get an estimate on her repairs.

(Long story short, we discovered today that student insurance sucks)

Well, the appointment was in the morning and Leah has shifts from 4pm to midnight this week, so is was sort of hard to find time to run and get work done and have Leah's teeth criticized and so we've bumped the tempo run to tomorrow.

So, you know, stay turned for an exciting tempo run report tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Leah - good luck with the teeth. I hope everything comes out okay and that you are able to sleep sometime w/ your crazy shifts

LeahC said...

thanks nicole. I have to get used to not having the same set schedule everyday....keeps you know your toes anyways :-)